Regulations for winter maintenance of concrete mixer trucks

Everyone knows that good car conditions are inseparable from our daily careful maintenance of equipment. Winter can be said to be a season when concrete mixer trucks are prone to breakdowns. The problem of how to maintain the mixer trucks in winter has stumped many people. The editor today summarized the maintenance and precautions of the concrete mixer truck under the condition of low temperature in winter. Let's take a look at it together.

1. During cold start, please remember to run at idle speed for 5-10 minutes (15-20 minutes in severe cold season), and then run reciprocatingly at low speed for 3~5 times without load. Wait for the system to fully warm up before starting to work. Before starting the vehicle, be sure to check whether the control handle of the control device is placed in the stop position. If the tank is rotating at a high speed when the engine is started, the instantaneous force will be very large, which will easily cause damage to the reducer and pump motor system.

2. In the cold winter, after the mixer truck is started, the concrete mixer truck engine should be maintained at about 1100 rpm, and the mixer truck should be warmed up before starting. During this period, do not slam the accelerator or let the engine speed become too high. When preheating, it is not necessary to wait for the temperature of the mixer truck engine to rise to the temperature before starting, as long as the pointer of the thermometer starts to rise.

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3. Please be very gentle and slow to start in winter, and don't rush forward with just one kick of the accelerator. On the one hand, this is to make the load of the mixer truck engine as small as possible when it does not reach the normal operating temperature, and on the other hand, it also allows the tires to gradually heat up when they are not warmed up and are still in a hard state. A gentle starting method is good for the mixer's engine, tires and safety. , It is also necessary to ensure that the control handle is in the stop position before starting to avoid impact damage to the hydraulic system caused by load starting.

4. The weather is getting colder and rainy and snowy in winter will appear more frequently. When driving, everyone must pay attention to safety and keep the distance between cars. Observe the icing on the road at any time, slow down in advance, and pass slowly. When driving in rainy and snowy weather, keep a good distance between vehicles. Do not skid in neutral gear, hit the direction sharply, or slam on the brakes. The speed should be controlled below 40km/h.

5. During winter construction, due to the low ambient temperature, the operation of the mixer truck is in unfavorable working conditions. The viscosity of the hydraulic oil increases when the temperature is low, which increases the pipeline oil flow resistance and the pump oil suction resistance. It should be specially operated during operation. Pay attention to this situation to avoid damage to the equipment.

6. While waiting for the unloading process, it is strictly forbidden to stop rotating the tank for a long time when loading materials. Stopping the tank for a long time can easily cause the deposit and adhesion of the concrete, especially in winter, the cold weather will accelerate the adhesion of the concrete, which is more likely to cause the loss of the solid tank.

7. In winter, the car body should be kept clean and tidy. Due to the insulation of the tank, check whether there is any foreign matter in the gap between the reducer and the tank body. If there is, clean it in time to avoid damage to the oil seal and cause leakage. oil.

8. After the winter work is over, or when the vehicle is out of service, the drain valve should be used to drain the water in the water tank and hose to prevent the parts from being damaged due to excessive cooling and freezing. The pressure regulating valve has been adjusted before leaving the factory, and unauthorized adjustment is prohibited.

9. If the vehicle is not used for a long time, a system maintenance of the entire vehicle is required. As the mixing drum, feed hopper, unloading tank and other parts are in contact with sand and gravel for a long time, they are all worn parts. The surface of the steel plate will rust after being stopped, and paint is required for surface coating. After parking for too long, the lubricating oil and grease of the parts will dry up or deteriorate, and the lubrication of the parts will be poor during operation. Therefore, when the mixer truck is restarted after being deactivated, the overall lubrication system must be checked one by one, and the oil should be added or changed if necessary.

The winter maintenance items for concrete mixer trucks compiled by the above editor are hoped to be helpful to everyone. Of course, in daily use, the maintenance and maintenance of the mixer truck is much more than that. As a good partner on the road of our freight, we can only reduce the cost of repair and replacement and let it serve us better if we regularly inspect and refuel the concrete mixer, and deal with the problems in time. Luoyang CIMC Linyu Automobile Co., Ltd. is a professional service-oriented automobile manufacturer. The concrete mixer trucks produced are of high quality and low price, and can be customized according to customer needs. Interested parties are welcome to come to consult.

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