Empowering a new journey CIMC Vehicles' "New Retail" marketing reform

With the arrival of the post-epidemic era, my country’s semi-trailer and special-purpose vehicle industry is undergoing industrial upgrading, and the degree of digitization, automation, and intelligence has gradually deepened. It has proposed higher technological innovation capabilities and model innovations for semi-trailer and special-purpose vehicle manufacturers. Require.

Except for the iterative upgrade of products, in the Internet era, the traditional offline sales model can no longer meet the purchase needs of consumers, and it is necessary to respond to market changes with a new perspective.

In the face of constant changes in the market, as a global leader in high-end manufacturing of semi-trailers and special vehicles, CIMC Vehicles is gradually promoting "marketing reform".

Taking CIMC Vehicles' "high-end manufacturing system" theory as the cornerstone, relying on technological innovation to carry out operations, and at the same time, through digital media marketing, joint marketing and other measures to carry out marketing reforms, and continue to explore new formats of trailer sharing models, and create a "new retail" that adapts to market changes. "Marketing model.

Shorten user distance and close customer relationship

The core goal of the "new retail" model under the reform of CIMC Vehicles' marketing is to "shorten the distance between users and close customer relationships." The core goal is to establish a new retail ecosystem through digital platform technology, that is, to establish a new retail ecosystem based on the Salesforce software platform that integrates online and offline.

This change broke the previous closed state of online and offline, and online and offline were able to merge with each other, learn from each other's strengths, and empower each other.

New Retail"

In short, through the establishment of online platforms and the introduction of digital tools, CIMC Vehicles helps consumers complete the process of "product screening, price comparison, and reservation" independently, guiding consumers to watch cars online, try them offline, and introduce them simultaneously. After the sale of parts and components and other vehicles, the "new retail" model of opening up online and offline channels has been realized.

The currently launched online mini program mall: Through the display of online digital products, partners and customers can browse products and communicate with business directly from the mall, so that it is easier to understand the configuration, specifications and prices, and to understand the product details without leaving home Features. Let customers buy a car as a "order menu", shortening their time to choose a car.

By undertaking effective management of online customer traffic and leads, and comprehensive integration of offline service scenarios, CIMC Vehicles recursively integrates offline stores, professional sales teams, and partners into a "new retail" ecosystem, including offline Experience stores, product replacement, compliance restructuring, car loan finance, used cars, repair and maintenance, and provide customers with an overall one-stop service.

As an innovative marketing method in the semi-trailer industry, the “New Retail” model of CIMC Vehicles has four outstanding features, namely, good selection, good use, good purchase and good service.

Continue to cultivate and encourage talents to further optimize the service quality of "new retail"

In order to effectively implement the "new retail" concept of "close customer relationships and shorten the distance between customers", CIMC Vehicles will continue to carry out the "new retail" professional training camp program in an orderly manner from the time the reform is promoted.

Through the establishment of the New Retail NR Promotion Committee, regular and targeted training courses are launched to fully mobilize all sectors of the "new retail" ecosystem to conduct training and learning, and improve the level of business capabilities.

New Retail

In each training camp, according to the new retail model and development strategy, excellent parts partners and industry experts are specifically invited to teach professional sales. The professional knowledge training not only covers walking mechanisms, tires, steel rims, and coatings. With professional knowledge in many aspects such as technology and trailer finance, we will conduct in-depth discussions on the application scenarios and value of customers, and only deliver better product value and service value to customers.

In order to commend the contribution and outstanding performance of employees of various departments to the "new retail" marketing work, CIMC Vehicles will continue to reward and motivate talents at the annual work conference.

At the CIMC Beacon’s mid-2021 domestic new retail work conference on July 10, CIMC Vehicles awarded the "Ace Sales Award", "Management Model Award", and "New Retail" to the teams and individuals who performed well in the "New Retail" work. A total of 13 awards including the Best Team Award.

As a semi-trailer manufacturer with the largest sales volume in the world, CIMC Vehicles knows that only by closing the relationship with end customers can we listen to the true voices of customers, understand the real product needs, and ultimately serve the marketization of the products. Explore the significance of the new retail model.

In the future, the "New Retail" marketing model of CIMC Vehicles will continue to be digitally and intelligently upgraded according to market changes. Through the in-depth promotion of product upgrade actions and innovation actions to narrow the distance between customers, the core competitiveness of the business is further enhanced, thereby consolidating the global leading position of product quality.

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