In the hot summer, let's collect the maintenance guide for mixer truck~

Recently, as the temperature continues to rise, it is undoubtedly a torment for the mixer truck drivers, and it is also a severe test for the mixer truck. In order to ensure that the mixer truck can work normally in summer and ensure the attendance rate of the mixer truck in summer, the tanker sales manufacturer CIMC Linyu summarized several aspects of experience on this issue for your reference.

Reasonable use of external additives

In the construction process, the amount of cement can be reduced by using water-reducing agent or replacing cement with fly ash. If longer distance transportation is required, a retarder can be used to control the setting time, but the correct amount of retarder must be ensured.

Avoid excessive engine temperature

The engine is the "heart of the truck", try to prevent the engine from overloading. In the process of driving, we must pay attention to the changes of the water temperature meter in time. In summer, the temperature of the water temperature gauge is prone to be too high. When the water temperature exceeds 100°C, you should stop in a cool place to cool down and check the engine. Let the engine run at idle speed and open the hood to facilitate heat dissipation.

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Avoid battery water loss

In summer, the temperature is high, the water in the battery electrolyte evaporates quickly, and the liquid level drops quickly, so that the electrode plate shows the liquid level, causing the battery to lose water and early damage. Therefore, in summer, the liquid level in the battery should be checked frequently, and distilled water should be added in time to ensure that the battery is in good working condition.

Regularly check the tire pressure

If you don't care about the tire pressure, it will cause the tire to overheat and affect the life of the tire. In summer, the tire pressure needs to be checked regularly, at least once every half a month. In the process of driving, the driving time should not be too long. If wading, wait until the tire temperature is properly reduced before wading to prevent early damage to the tire.

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Regularly check each instrument

Due to the high temperature of the season, the machine will inevitably react with the temperature and cause the machine to overheat and cause the parts to operate abnormally. In summer, the inspection and maintenance of the engine cooling system should be strengthened, including water tanks, thermostats, water pumps, fans, etc., and the cooling water should be filled in time; the motors and electrical appliances should be checked for overheating and abnormal noise, and the instrument indicators should be checked whether they are normal ; The air filter element should be cleaned regularly, the intake pipe should be cleaned, and the oil filter should be replaced regularly.

The tank needs to be cleaned regularly

Before each loading, clean the inlet with water to keep it moist; after loading, clean the remaining concrete with clean water; after unloading, clean the outlet first, and then add 30-40L to the tank Clean the interior with clean water, and discharge the sewage before the next loading. Before finishing work, thoroughly clean the concrete storage tank and around the inlet and outlet to ensure that there is no cement and concrete agglomerates.

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The above is a detailed guide for the maintenance of the mixer truck in summer. Please remember to take good care of yourself while maintaining your car and checking frequently.

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