How to do cement bulk carrier summer maintenance?

As the temperature continues to rise, summer is finally coming, and many people have done sun protection early. After all, no one wants to be tanned several times before a summer. Although our cement bulk carrier is not afraid of the sun, with the arrival of the summer rainy season, the necessary maintenance and protection still need to be done.

Cement bulk carrier is composed of special car chassis, bulk tank, gas pipeline system and automatic unloading device, etc. It is mainly used for bulk transportation of powdery dry materials such as fly ash, cement and lime powder with a diameter not greater than 0.1mm. Linyu's cement bulk carrier is mainly divided into two variants of bicycle and semi-trailer.

Because it is a special vehicle, it is more complicated to use and maintain than ordinary vehicles, which requires us to pay special attention to its maintenance and protection in normal use.

cement bulk carrier

Tank assembly maintenance

First, pay attention to personal protection. The temperature of the air intake pipe rises when it is pressed, and in addition to the summer exposure, the surface temperature of the pipeline is easy to cause burns to the staff, so special attention must be paid to the necessary protection before the operation.

cement bulk carrier

Second, pay attention to tank cleaning. When cleaning the residual ash in the tank and replacing the vulcanization tube, try to choose the morning or morning with a lower temperature in the tank, but still ensure the ventilation in the tank to prevent the worker from getting heat stroke. In order to observe the situation of the personnel in the tank at any time and respond in a timely manner.

cement bulk carrier

Third, pay attention to waterproof in the rainy season. During the rainy season, pay close attention to the state of the tank lid and the sealing rubber ring to avoid the gaps in the tank lid to cause rainwater to flow into the tank body, which will cause cement to agglomerate and affect the ashing efficiency; in addition to the tank body waterproofing, the rainy season for the workers must be done Security, must pay attention to anti-skid when working on the tank top, equipped with safety belts throughout the process to protect their own safety.

cement bulk carrier

Frame assembly and other maintenance

Car chassis

It should be carried out in strict accordance with the manual, and do not disassemble it privately, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.

Air compressor

Carry out maintenance in strict accordance with the specifications of the manual, and private operation is strictly prohibited.


Regularly check the lubrication and operating conditions, and deal with abnormal noise as soon as possible; gear bite and wear should also be regularly checked and maintained.

Intake line

Check the sealing situation frequently and deal with any leaks in time.


Regularly check the tire tread and tire pressure to prevent damage to the tire caused by too high or too low pressure, affecting the use.

Safety devices

It is necessary to check the status of the safety valve and pressure gauge of the tank truck in time to prevent overpressure and reverse suction.

Of course, the maintenance of the tank truck is far more than that. The editor only picked out the parts that need special attention and gave a brief explanation. Only with regular inspections, maintenance and protection can the use of cement bulk carrier be more efficient and long-lasting, and the customer experience better.

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