Overview of the performance characteristics of the kitchen garbage truck

Linyu brand kitchen garbage truck adopts mature Dongfeng chassis with luxurious interior and elegant appearance. Equipped with famous engine, strong power, low speed and high torque. It is mainly used for the collection and transportation of food waste in hotels, hotels and restaurants. The right side of the vehicle is equipped with a trash can lifting mechanism, which can lift a 120L or 240L plastic trash can for garbage loading, reducing the work intensity of the operator.

The vehicle has a squeezing and compressing function to realize the preliminary separation of kitchen waste oil and water and waste volume reduction. The whole vehicle is controlled by electric and hydraulic, and the whole collection and transportation process can be easily completed by only one person. The vehicle has a unique "humanized" design, with an interlocking function to prevent the wrong operation of the vehicle, and a safety maintenance support bar. Each function adopts a modular design, which is convenient for component replacement and maintenance. Beautiful appearance, convenient operation, safe and reliable.

Performance characteristics of kitchen garbage truck

(1) The main component box, rear door and water tank are made of high-quality carbon steel plates, which have strong resistance to corrosive substances such as acid and alkali.

(2) In the garbage bin, the solid-liquid separation of the kitchen garbage in the bin can be achieved. A large-capacity sewage tank is equipped to hold the separated oil-water mixture.

(3) A special reinforced silicone strip is used for sealing between the trash bin and the rear door assembly, which has good sealing performance, ensures that there is no leakage of food from the kitchen, and prevents secondary pollution.

(4) The lifting mechanism, the upper feeding cover and the push plate have an electronically controlled interlocking function. When the push plate inside the box does not return or the feeding port door is not open, the lifting mechanism cannot carry out the lifting action, and the electronic control system has Alarm prompt can effectively avoid misoperation.

kitchen garbage truck

(5) The key components of the electrical and hydraulic systems are all high-quality components, such as PLC programmable controllers and proximity switches, which improve the reliability of the kitchen garbage truck.

(6) The vehicle is equipped with a stainless steel water tank and a high-pressure water pump, which can clean the surface of the garbage box and the stains on the spot at any time.

Product parameters

Vehicle model CLY5070TCAE6
Total quality(Kg) 7360
Equipment quality / rated load quality(Kg) 4820/2410
Chassis model (brand) EQ1075SJ3CDF(Dongfeng shares)
Engine model and power(Kw) YCY24140-60,103Kw
Emission Standards Country VI
Fuel type Diesel
Dimensions (L * W * H)(mm) 5865*2000*2690
Wheelbase(mm) 3308
Cabinet volume(m³) 5
Garbage collection methods Hanging bucket(240L、120L)
Sewage tank volume(L) 330
Clear water tank volume(L) 170

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