What are the differences between garbage compression trucks and ordinary garbage trucks?

Nowadays, domestic garbage is increasing, and garbage compression trucks have emerged at the historic moment. Compared with ordinary garbage trucks of the same configuration, the price of garbage compression trucks is tens of thousands more expensive, so what is the difference between garbage compression trucks and ordinary garbage trucks?

The appearance of Linyu garbage compression truck is different from that of ordinary garbage trucks in appearance, but it does not see its advantages.

Advantages of Linyu garbage compression truck

garbage trucks

1. Loading Capacity

Garbage compression trucks have a large loading capacity, such as 5-square compression garbage trucks and 5-square hanging bucket garbage trucks. The hanging bucket garbage trucks can only be installed up to about 5 square meters. Rubbish, the advantages are obvious.

2. Save working time

Ordinary garbage trucks can only be compressed when they are transported to the garbage compression station after they are loaded, and the garbage compression trucks have compressed themselves into blocks when collecting garbage, saving the time spent by sanitation workers on garbage disposal. Do more with less.

3. Can respond to various trash cans

The special functions of ordinary garbage trucks can only handle their own suitable garbage bins. For example, the hanging bucket garbage truck can load and unload the hanging bucket garbage bins. The swing arm garbage truck can handle the swing arm garbage bins, but it cannot automate other garbage bins. Loading, but the reverse reversal style function of the garbage compression truck allows it to deal with a variety of garbage bins, such as bucket-type rear flip, swing arm type rear flip, triangle bucket rear flip, and floor reversal, all can correspond On different styles.

Although the price of garbage compression trucks is much higher than that of ordinary garbage trucks, its special performance and loading capacity far exceed that of ordinary garbage trucks. Although the garbage compression trucks are powerful, you must also purchase garbage trucks according to the situation. If the local garbage trucks are treated with ordinary garbage trucks, there is no need to use compressed garbage trucks, avoid over-utilization of large materials, and save unnecessary costs.

Customer representative visits the factory for vehicle inspection

garbage trucks

garbage trucks

garbage trucks

The above is what we brought to everyone about the difference between garbage compression trucks and ordinary garbage trucks, do you understand? When buying, we should consider the situation of the amount of garbage in our area to avoid the possibility of buying ordinary garbage trucks. Deal with the waste of resources caused by the local garbage bins or the purchase of garbage compression vehicles.

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