If Linyu Automobile kicks into the European Cup...

The enthusiasm for the European Cup has been unabated recently, and Linyu Motors couldn’t help but feel enthusiastic. Many products are gearing up, expressing their hope to make their mark on the field. If you are on the football field, who is the most beautiful boy who is shocked? We wait and see...

Forward. Linyu Small White Can

Light weight and run fast. The vehicle has a dead weight of 5.6 tons, a large angle, fast unloading, less residue, higher transportation efficiency, and higher transportation efficiency. Charge into the battle, go straight to Huanglong, gallop in the arena, let me go!

European Cup
Midfielder. Linyu Mixer

Technology empowerment, intelligent protection, the entire road conditions, easy to master, and even complex stadium conditions can be easily handled! Innovative and high-level design, the tank has a lower center of gravity, a smaller inclination angle, and safer driving work, sweeping the audience with one vehicle!

European Cup

Goalkeeper. Linyu Tank Truck

No matter how you break through, I will stand still. Lingyu liquid tanker adopts Lingyu special plates jointly developed with well-known manufacturers, with light weight, large volume and good safety performance. The tank truck has many functions, which can be independent and connected to each other. Regardless of whether your needs are large-capacity or multi-function, Lingyu tank trucks can do their job with ease and drip-proof.

Tank Truck

The three main players have already played, who is the best C position in your heart?

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