In-depth analysis of the success secret of Linyu cement bulk carrier

With the full recovery of the economy, all walks of life are gradually on the right track. As the saying goes, "If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools." Here is a product with "high performance, high appearance, long life, easy maintenance, and more intelligence", which is a combination of multiple advantages. Income-generating magic weapon: Lingyu cement bulk carrier.

1. High performance and wide application

For the transportation of powder and granular materials, it has a wide range of applications and can be applied to dry-mixed mortar, cement, fly ash, aluminum powder, mineral powder and other materials; the tank body adopts a horizontal tank structure, and different shapes and angles are designed for different materials. The fluidized bed can promote the fluidized state of the material, increase the ash speed and reduce the residual amount.

2. Controlled segregation

For dry-mixed mortar materials, in order to control material segregation, a patented fluidization structure is used inside the tank, which limits the shaking of materials during transportation and the stratified fluidization during transportation; in addition, multiple blowing aids are designed to use turbulence technology to promote materials. Mix again when delivering.

Cement bulk carrier

3. Excellent design

The tank structure and pressure design far exceed the relevant industry standards such as GB150 and ASME; the material is made of high-quality high-strength steel, and the special sub-frame profiles are customized to support the tank structure; at the same time, CAE is used for force analysis to optimize the structure. Weak force points make the tank more reasonable in design, safer in use, and longer in life.

4. More wear-resistant

The material conveying pipeline is made of special seamless steel pipe and wear-resistant material, and is internally hardened; the weak part of the pipeline is equipped with a reinforcing plate to improve the wear resistance; it avoids the problem that ordinary welded pipes are easily worn by the high-speed moving gravel and powder. ; The service life of the conveying pipeline is greatly extended.

5. The pipeline is easy to maintain

The air intake pipeline adopts a hard connection structure, which avoids problems such as pipeline leakage caused by the aging of the rubber hose, and realizes the maintenance-free air intake pipeline. The whole pipeline adopts the structure of flange connection, which is convenient for disassembly and replacement, and easier to maintain.

6. Belt drive

The traditional air compressor transmission system adopts a direct connection structure, which is affected by the vibration of the air compressor, resulting in sudden changes in the instantaneous torque and torque, causing fatigue cracking of the power take-off shell and the rear shell of the gearbox, and high maintenance costs.
Lingyu has designed a belt drive structure, which is specially designed for special materials such as dry-mixed mortar, to ensure that the drive system operates without failure and long-term; the maintenance cost is lower.

Lingyu cement bulk carrier

7. Electrostatic spraying

The industry's first "spray + powder spray" powder electrostatic spraying process for powder tank bicycles replaces the traditional paint process, so that the tank car coating has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, aging resistance and wear resistance. The hardness of the coating reaches H level and the service life is prolonged. 5 to 7 years.

8. Welding

The parts are blanked by laser, the accuracy is improved to 0.01mm, and the mirror cutout does not need to be polished. The incision has no defects and no stress concentration. Laser cutting has a small hot-melt area, no change in elements, and no loss of rigidity. The original performance of the base metal is maintained, the strength after forming is higher, and the welding accuracy is more guaranteed.

9. Intelligent driving

In-depth cooperation with OEMs and equipment manufacturers to realize the front-mounted or rear-mounted driver assistance system (ADAS), and the fusion perception technology based on the underlying data, which can realize functions such as lane departure warning, collision warning, intelligent deceleration, automatic emergency braking and so on. At the same time, blind spot monitoring and reversing images are also optional to escort the driving safety of the vehicle.

Lingyu cement bulk carrier

10. Variety of colors

A variety of color options are installed on the tank to meet the individual needs of customers.

11. Wide range of products

The chassis covers mainstream main engine manufacturers, including Jiefang, Shaanxi Automobile, Dongfeng, Sinotruk, Auman, etc.; the top cover covers a variety of tanks of 7.2 series ~ 9.6 series to meet the diverse needs of customers; the engine covers multiple ranges of 270~550 horsepower; in short, There is always one for you.

Linyu has devoted himself to research and development and made it with ingenuity and ingenuity, and launched this cement bulk carrier. It is a representative of beauty and strength, a guarantee of safety and intelligence, and a good helper and good partner on the road to prosperity. After listening to the introduction, are you interested in this cement bulk carrier? Which one did it hit your heart?

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