What are the material advantages of Linyu cement bulk carrier?

With the increasingly strict regulations and policies of modern logistics transportation vehicles, such as over-regulation and regulation, "lightweight" technology has become a hot issue in the special-purpose vehicle industry at this stage. Especially since the implementation of the "Regulations on the Management of Over-limit Transport Vehicles on Highways", various domestic markets have set off a climax of demand for lightweight cement bulk carriers. However, cement bulk carriers made of high-strength steel materials have become the bottleneck of lightweight technology. .

Linyu automobile deployed ahead of schedule. After careful selection by the R&D team, it chose lighter weight and stronger aluminum-magnesium alloy as the material to break the situation, and launched the aluminum alloy powder material transportation semi-trailer in 2018. After two years of continuous optimization and upgrading, dimensions, dead weight, structure, performance and other aspects have been comprehensively improved, becoming the representative of the market "safe and worry-free, fast running".

Linyu cement bulk carrier

Material advantages of cement bulk carrier

1. The density of aluminum alloy is only about 1/3 of that of steel. The application of aluminum alloy materials on the Cement Bulk Carrier can greatly reduce the quality of the cement bulk carrier.

2. The aluminum alloy tanker has high strength, good ductility and more than twice the wear resistance of ordinary steel plates. It is safer and more efficient in transportation. It is definitely the first choice for the transportation of powder materials.

3. The aluminum alloy tank body can conduct the static electricity generated during the loading, unloading and transportation of materials in time, reducing the probability of accidents.

4. Due to the high corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy, there is no major damage to the car body when the vehicle reaches the mandatory scrapping period, and the recovery value of the higher strength steel of aluminum alloy is high.

Linyu has always maintained its original intention, whether it is from material, safety, etc., continuous optimization to provide customers with higher efficiency and more considerate services.

Linyu cement bulk carrier

Patented appearance, high transportation efficiency

The external shape of the patented tank is beautiful and atmospheric, the structure design is reasonable, the volume rate is 97%-98%, and the transportation efficiency is higher.

Reasonable configuration, low residual rate

The tank has a large diversion angle, no dead corners of accumulated materials, reasonable layout of the fluidized bed, and a residual rate of less than 0.3%, which is more efficient and more profitable.

Optimized design, flexible and convenient

In order to adapt to the usage scenarios, Linyu has made special optimizations based on the innovative design ideas of aluminum alloy cement bulk carrier. It adopts a short wheelbase design, which can easily load a 12-meter loadometer. The length of the vehicle is short and the vehicle is more flexible.

Linyu cement bulk carrier

Human accessories, safe and secure

The aluminum alloy anti-skid walkway, aluminum alloy wheel cover, aluminum alloy ladder, etc. have been humanized upgrades, which are light in weight, more convenient and safe to use.

From non-standard to standard, from arbitrary development to standardization, is the common law of the development of all industries. Linyu has been actively exploring on the road of legal compliance and lightweight, using advanced manufacturing technology to ensure product process stability and reliable performance; with more high-quality products and more intimate services, it helps the powder material transportation industry to be scientific and efficient development of.

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