What is the capacity of the tank truck?

Tank trucks are dangerous goods transportation vehicles. If the tank body material is too thin, the corrosion resistance and impact resistance will be weakened, posing safety hazards. Of course, the thickness of the tank body is not the better. Excessive thickness of the tank body material will increase the weight of the tank truck, increase fuel consumption, and reduce the net volume of the tank body. The price of the tank truck will increase. What is the thickness of the tank body? Is it appropriate?

The thickness of the small tank body of the tank body made of carbon steel and stainless acid-resistant steel should meet the following requirements:

The design volume of the tank is less than 11 cubic meters, the rated capacity is less than 9.6 cubic meters, and the thickness of the small tank is 4mm;

The design volume of the tank is 11-24 cubic meters, the rated capacity is 9.6-22 cubic meters, and the thickness of the small tank is 5mm;

The design volume of the tank is 24-30 cubic meters, the rated capacity is 22-28 cubic meters, and the thickness of the small tank is 6mm.

The anticorrosive body of the small white can made of aluminum and aluminum alloy, with a thickness of 5mm.

The calculated thickness of the tank is calculated according to the following formula:

tank truck

δ = Pc Di / (2 [σ]t φ)


δ --- Calculated thickness of the tank, in millimeters (mm);

Pc---Calculated pressure, in megapascals (MPa);

Di --- the diameter of the tank body, in millimeters (mm);
[σ]t---The allowable stress of tank material at design temperature, in megapascals (MPa);

φ --- Welding joint coefficient.

Characteristics of Tank Truck

tank truck

Patented tank: easy to use

When it comes to the transportation industry, safety is always a topic that cannot be avoided. Linyu's "small white tank" adopts a streamlined design with an exclusive patent, which not only has a fuller and smoother appearance, but also has better compression resistance and a lower center of gravity, making it safer and more secure during driving.

As a special vehicle for transportation, customers value the practicality of the tanker more. The most troublesome thing in the transportation industry is the unclean unloading of tankers, which leads to "the journey is not worth it." In order to solve this problem, the small white tank adopts a larger fluidization angle to ensure that the discharge is faster and the discharge residue is less, so that the customer can maximize the profit for each transportation.

Intelligent manufacturing: exquisite

The body of the small white can is beautiful in color and beautiful in appearance. They are a beautiful landscape when they start in batches; when driving on the highway, the small white tank is definitely the most beautiful boy among the tankers.

Moreover, the small white cans are not only good-looking, the whole vehicle parts adopt large-scale laser cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting, digital production line, internationally renowned CNC automatic welding, stable and reliable quality. Coupled with its short wheelbase and low center of gravity, it is designed according to the smallest loadometer and it is more flexible to drive.

Lightweight configuration: compliant

Affected by the country's policy of overtaking control, the tanker industry increasingly favors "lightweight" products. The small white tank body is equipped with lightweight legs, aluminum alloy wheel covers, lightweight axles + aluminum rings, aluminum alloy upper platforms, selected high-quality high-strength steel plates and aluminum alloy plates, which are high in hardness and lighter than other materials. It can increase the service life of the tank body and reduce the weight of the tank body. The vehicle is not only compliant, but the transportation volume can also satisfy customers when the vehicle weighs only 5.6 tons.

Since the launch of Linyu small white cans, it has been widely recognized by the market for its fresh and beautiful appearance, lightweight design, wide range of transportation media and excellent product quality. It has quickly spread in the powder cans transportation market across the country and has gained Unanimous praise from our customers and friends. In the future, CIMC Linyu will always be based on the market, continuously upgrade and innovate, meet the test of the market with more high-quality and cost-effective products, and bring greater benefits to more customers and friends.

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