CIMC Vehicles and OEMs Layout New Energy Track "Joint Development" Strategy Reshapes New Advantages

As the world's leading manufacturer of high-end semi-trailers and special vehicles, CIMC Vehicles (301039.SZ/01839.HK) has attracted much attention in the field of new energy special vehicles. At present, CIMC Vehicles has related layouts in the main business areas such as special-purpose vehicle bodywork and light van transport body competitive advantage.

Joint Development

Accelerate the layout of new tracks and re-consolidate competitive advantages

CIMC Vehicles' exploration of new energy vehicles has already begun.

In terms of new energy refrigerated vans, the company has formulated digital upgrade projects in three aspects: the research and development of new energy refrigerators, the research and development of intelligent interconnection modules, and the research and development of vehicle product modules.

Specifically, the project intends to carry out a series of research and development work for refrigerated vans in new energy cooler adaptation applications, smart interconnect modules, and car body product modules. Including the adaptation application of new energy coolers based on lithium batteries and solar panels and their control systems to achieve performance upgrades of coolers; research and development of the Internet of Vehicles platform, open up the intelligent interconnection barriers with the main engine factory, and solve the problem of data between the main engine manufacturer and the car manufacturer The current status of intercommunication; R & D based on the modularization of the box board production process to improve production efficiency.

In addition, Linyu Automobile, a subsidiary of CIMC Vehicles, launched this year’s "Apocalypse" Phase II automation and intelligent production line upgrade project. It has cooperated with FAW Jiefang to comprehensively promote the "oil-to-electricity" key project and successfully jointly developed a pure electric cement mixer.

The joint R&D cooperation model is adopted, on the one hand, because of the adaptation problem, the application scenarios of special vehicles are relatively special, and the original products have better adaptability in terms of voltage, battery capacity, and load. On the other hand, the company's joint design and cooperation with new energy vehicle OEMs can expand the scale of procurement, production, and sales, optimize the total cost of ownership of products, and bring users a better buying experience and after-sales service.

Furthermore, new energy vehicle OEMs are also looking for companies that can provide customized, large-scale and stable supply of top equipment. The joint development strategy can enable OEMs to obtain stable and high-quality tops, while manufacturers of special-purpose vehicle tops can lock in sales to a large extent and gain advantages that other companies cannot match.

The new energy sector has frequent positives, and the future has a broad spaceJoint Development

Industry insiders pointed out that the upswing of the new energy sector is a long-term trend. At present, the wave of industrial transformation brought about by new energy is heating up in the automotive industry.

On July 30, the Politburo meeting further proposed to tap the potential of the domestic market and support the accelerated development of new energy vehicles. Under the "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral" goals, "decarbonization" and "emission reduction" have become the common focus of global automotive policies.

At the same time, according to the "New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)" issued by the General Office of the State Council, a new timetable is proposed: the national ecological civilization pilot zone and the public areas in the key areas of air pollution prevention and control will add or update public transportation, rental, and logistics. Disadvantages of new energy vehicles in distribution and other vehicles are not less than 80%.

In addition to the central government's support for new energy-related logistics and transportation and special vehicles, various localities have also formulated a large number of supporting policies for corresponding central policies.

On the right of way, new energy trucks with green licenses are being promoted, and most of the restrictions on the right of way are exempted everywhere. Moreover, in addition to lifting the urban travel restrictions for new energy trucks, the pass issue that once plagued card friends has also been resolved.

For example, in Shanghai, new energy freight vehicles have priority in issuing permits. In Chongqing, with the exception of individual roads, new energy light trucks are not subject to the management restrictions on trucks, and there is no need to apply for truck passes (for vehicles with less than 4.5 tons).

In July this year, the "National VI" emission standards for heavy diesel vehicles were officially implemented, and new energy logistics vehicles once again ushered in new opportunities. Coupled with the fact that electricity costs are much lower than the price of diesel, and the cost of use is lower, new energy trucks have advantages in all aspects.

As a global leader in the high-end manufacturing of semitrailers and special vehicles, CIMC Vehicles has joined hands with OEMs to deploy new energy. It is expected that in the future, with the acceleration of the development of new energy projects, the increase in new energy is expected to further improve the company's products, market share, and industry standards. Formulate competitive advantages in other aspects.

"The rapid development of my country's special-purpose vehicle industry has brought a broader market space to special-purpose vehicle companies such as CIMC Vehicles. Especially under the trend of electrification, the new energy special-purpose vehicle market has great potential. I hope that CIMC (vehicles) and others Special-purpose vehicle companies can gain new vigor and vitality in the transformation and upgrading." Pei Zhihao, senior technical consultant of the Bus Branch of the China Highway Society, said in an interview with the media.

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