What are the maintenance rules for new tank trucks?

Many consumers who purchase tankers for the first time have confusions about truck maintenance. It is not clear what to do with the first maintenance and which parts need to be "protected". To this end, the tanker manufacturer introduced to you some of the new truck needs to be protected areas, it can be said that the car's maintenance road, from the beginning of buying home.

Truck's "skin" paint

The skin is a very important part of our daily maintenance. The same is true for the truck. Although there is no aging problem in the new truck paint surface, from the factory to the transportation to the parking lot, the car paint has already touched the air, and it is affected by the sand and sand, and timely and correct maintenance , can make the car forever young.

Maintenance method: "Bathing" for new tank trucks must not be sloppy. If improperly cleaned, it will damage the bright oil part of the outer layer, which will cause the skin of the car to be "dark and dull". It is best to use a mild mild detergent to remove the sand and dirt from the paint surface. Some dirt is invisible to the naked eye. If it is contaminated with chemical components such as paint and gum, it must be wiped a little with a special detergent. Finally, apply protective agents to tires, bumpers, wheel eyebrows, etc. to prevent aging.

Truck's "heart" engine

When driving a new tanker, you can keep the engine idling and hear if there is any abnormal sound or vibration. Because the problem of the operation of the car engine has been delayed for a long time, it will accelerate wear, increase fuel consumption, shorten the life, and eventually lead to overhaul.

Maintenance method: The best way to protect the "heart" of the car is to avoid emergency acceleration or deceleration during the running-in of the new car, in order to minimize the load on the engine transmission system of the car. Some serious and cautious new car owners take the initiative to send the car to repair and maintenance after driving for 1000 km. The maintenance is usually free, and many potential problems can be avoided in time, so that the good thing is two thousand. Don't miss it.

Truck's "eyes" headlights

The most important thing for novice drivers is that if your tanker's "eyes" are not good, it will not only affect the comfort of driving, but also directly related to the safety of driving. Therefore, timely maintenance of exterior lighting is critical to the driver.

Maintenance methods: Usually, before getting a reminder, it is difficult for the owner to know if the headlights, taillights, turn signals or parking lights are working properly. First of all, to calibrate the direction of the headlights, in order to ensure the safety of the driver, the headlights must be able to provide good forward illumination for the vehicles; secondly, carefully check other lights, such as turn signals, license plate lighting Lights, width lights, backup lights, and brake lights.

Truck's "foot" tire

Newly bought tankers need to be run-in, with the aim of adapting the ability of the various components of the body to adapt to the environment. The pros and cons of car running-in will have an important impact on the life, safety and economy of the car. In this process, the maintenance of the tire is very important.

Maintenance method: When the new tank trucks is running-in, the tire pressure should be normal. The abnormal tire pressure will have certain adverse effects on the new car and it is very dangerous. If you do not rely on the barometer, it is difficult for the owner to visually check the accuracy. It is necessary to go to a regular tire shop to receive the service.

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