TA, a "can" is reliable! Analysis of performance advantages of concrete mixer truck

As an indispensable and important role of infrastructure construction, concrete mixer trucks are the top priority. In recent years, in the face of a brand-new competitive situation, a mixer truck that is compliant, can be installed, and can create the greatest economic benefits has become the first choice for users. In this environment, the tanker expert CIMC Linyu has won the trust of users with its 20 years of experience in tanker manufacturing and the reliable and excellent quality of a "tank".

Fine tops, scientific compliance

The tank body design combines the national conditions and absorbs advanced European technology. The innovative contour design scheme is adopted, and the tank body has a lower center of gravity and is safer. Using large blades, the industry's first multi-phase three-dimensional mixing mode, optimize the pitch of the blades and the number of turns in the cylinder, the mixing is more uniform, the discharge speed is fast, and the residual rate is low.

concrete mixer truck

Durable products with excellent quality

The key parts are made of special high-strength wear-resistant steel materials, and the strength of general materials is increased by more than 2 times. Innovative design of the unloading hopper and chute. The three-layer wear-resistant material is used for the inlet/unloading system and other parts to extend the service life. The tank body can be adapted to various places. Even if the weather is corroded by acid rain for a long time, the tank is still bright and beautiful, effectively extending the life of the tank.

Real material, reliable

Innovative digital production line batch production mode, using large-scale laser cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting and blanking. Welding with internationally renowned welders has high weld strength and long service life, ensuring product consistency.

The industry's first nano-ceramic pretreatment process, combined with 18 processes such as fully automatic electrostatic powder spraying, has created a new benchmark for the upgrading of the domestic tanker industry, with high coating hardness, more beautiful appearance and long service life.

concrete mixer truck

Smart-oriented service upgrade

It can be equipped with electronic control constant speed and intelligent anti-collision. Smart weighing, remote control, waterway metering, tank mouth sealing and other intelligent systems, services, create a timely and complete after-sales service system across the country, and launch the WeChat mini program "Lingyu Service Butler" online + offline; The supply of spare parts is efficient and convenient, and the after-sales service is professional and considerate.

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