What are the performance of electric sanitation truck?

With the continuous progress of urbanization, city squares and residential properties gradually realize mechanized cleaning operations. With the development of the economy, the traffic volume of main roads and expressways in some large and medium-sized cities is constantly increasing, and the use of large sanitation equipment to clean the road during the day can easily cause vehicle congestion. In order to solve this problem, the market desperately needs small-scale cleaning equipment that can adapt to urban main roads, expressways, city squares, and residential property cleaning operations.

In order to respond to the country's new energy policy and meet the demand for new energy products in the sanitation market, Linyu strives to create the latest "pure electric sanitation truck". The vehicle is driven by pure electricity, has zero emissions, and has a long driving range. It is mainly targeted at urban main roads The cleaning and cleaning operations of expressways, city squares, and residential properties have the characteristics of strong operation capacity, low noise, and convenient operation.

Performance characteristics of electric sanitation truck

(1) The use of large-brand, large-capacity, high-energy-density lithium batteries has strong vehicle power; advanced vehicle control strategies and braking energy feedback systems reduce operating power consumption and last long operating hours.

(2) The body is small and flexible, and it can easily handle narrow roads, slopes, U-turns and other road conditions, and the vehicle has excellent passability.

(3) Equipped with high-pressure water gun, it can self-clean the whole vehicle, and clean and clear the sidewalks and small advertisements on the street.

(4) Overall structure and function: The structure and layout of the "center-mounted four vertical sweep + rear-mounted single suction nozzle" is convenient for adjustment and maintenance. With road cleaning, garbage recycling, box self-cleaning and other operations.

(5) The CAN bus intelligent control system is adopted, and the electric and hydraulic control are centralized to simplify circuit components and improve circuit reliability. The intelligent communication instrument collects and displays the vehicle operation information through the CAN communication network, and can display the operation parameters of the motor and battery in real time.

(6) With a variety of safety alarm devices: low water level in the clear water tank, operation prompts, reversing prompts, hydraulic oil leakage alarms, dump box dumping, resetting, and rear door opening and closing safety alarms.

sanitation truck

Electric sanitation truck parameters

Vehicle model CLY5041TSLEQBEV
Total mass(kg) 4300
Curb weight / rated load mass(kg) 3520/650
Chassis model (brand) EQ1040TACEV(dongfeng)
Chassis drive motor model and power(kW) TZ260XSDE4-YBM211(80kw)
Chassis battery types and manufacturers Ternary lithium-ion battery (Henan Lidong)
Battery capacity(kWh) 48.97
Top speed(km/h) 90
Dimensions (length * width * height)(mm) 5590*1700*2220
Wheelbase(mm) 2800
Clear water tank volume(m³) 0.5
Trash box volume(m³) 1.6
Sweeping width(mm) 2200

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