Brief introduction of concrete mixer truck water supply system

When the concrete mixer truck is stopped or suspended for a period of time, the problem of concrete retention will occur. If the concrete stays in the mixer for too long (usually limited to 30 to 80 minutes), the concrete will condense and even condense with the attached object, causing the mixer and other equipment to be scrapped. At the same time, due to the nature of the work or the environment, concrete will inevitably pollute the various systems of the vehicle.

After a transportation process is completed, if certain cleaning is not carried out, the condensed concrete will cause great damage to the paint of the conveyor and the machine, especially when there are corrosive additives in the concrete. Big. In order to prevent these problems from occurring and also to prepare for the next stage of transportation after the completion of one stage of transportation, the mixer trucks are equipped with a water supply system. The usual water supply system of the mixer truck is only used to flush the parts such as the feed hopper and the discharge tank, and is not used to supply or replenish the concrete.

concrete mixer truck

The water supply system for cleaning uses a DC motor pump to extract water from the water storage tank, and flushes the mixer truck through a water pipe nozzle. The water storage capacity of its water tank is not large, generally between 200 ~ 250L. If the water supply system of the concrete mixer truck requires a large water tank, the water storage capacity is generally not less than 600L.

For some small- and medium-capacity mixer trucks, in order to simplify the structure of the water supply system, save power and reduce the weight of the bodywork, a water pump is often omitted and a pneumatic water spray system is used. It is a car chassis gas cylinder and a decompression auxiliary gas cylinder The gas pressure enters the stored water through the pipeline, and the water is ejected under the pressure. Pneumatic water supply system is composed of pressure box, ball valve, sequence valve, pressure reducing valve, safety valve and so on.

A water pipe is connected below the pressure water tank and communicates with the water source through a gate valve. Before adding water, first open the three-way ball valve and drain the compressed air in the pressure water tank. Then fill the water to the overflow port, and if there is water overflow, close the gate valve. When using the water in the pressure water tank, first open the ball valve, and the compressed air is connected to the water tank through the sequence valve, pressure reducing valve, safety valve, and the water can be pumped to the flushing pipe and the mixing drum along the pipeline and valve. When the vehicle is running, close the ball valve to ensure the brake air source.

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