What should I pay attention to when driving a concrete mixer truck?

The concrete mixer truck consists of an electric motor and a rotating tank for mixing concrete-forming materials. The crank wheel is used to tilt the tank to various positions according to the requirements of the work at hand. There are a lot of things to be aware of during the concrete mixer truck driving. Then let me know what you need to pay attention to when driving the concrete mixer truck. I hope to help you.

First, it is slow to move

1. The time of turning must be slow

The mixing truck has a high center of gravity and is easy to roll over! Slow down and downshift before entering the corner, try not to brake when you turn. At any time, after the rearview mirror, check to see if the can is turning, the speed is as slow as possible, the speed is too high, and the vehicle simply swings.

The section with a large angle of inclination stops the tank, and when it is full of material, it goes to the section where the skew point is large, and the tank is stopped first. The original center of gravity of the mixer is high, and stopping the rolling of the tank is conducive to maintaining the stability of the vehicle.

2. The bad road is suitable for low speed gear

In case of uneven road surface, the pits are smashed with appropriate low-speed gears to ensure that the car is explosive at any time. Wooden boards, sharp stones must be avoided, especially heavy cars!

3. The uphill is best to reduce the file early

If you are full, pay attention to the steep start, pay more attention to the uphill, not to reduce the file, it is best to reduce the file early. And the maximum speed of the accelerator is accelerated, and the concrete is prevented from flowing out.

4. Do not go downhill in heavy traffic

Long-term travel may be a test of the brakes before going downhill. Do not skid downhill in heavy traffic, slow down early when turning downhill, then reduce gear and then slow down, with the best brake function.

5. Must pay attention to the issue of height limit

The road conditions on the construction site are messy, so be careful of trees, etc., especially to avoid scratching the wires.

concrete mixer truck

Second, enter the construction site to check more

1. Walk as far as possible when entering the construction site

The construction site is simple, the roadbed is soft, and now the mixer truck is more than 20 square meters. It is close to the road, and the road is simply crushed and collapsed, causing the vehicle to roll over.

2. Get off early to check the reverse line

Most of the mixer trucks work at night. After arriving at the construction site, it is best to get off the vehicle and take the flashlight to check the reverse road. There are obstacles, there may be pits that may be relatively soft, and they must be remembered and timely arranged in the steel nails.

3. The time of reversing must be slow

Don't always stick your head out of the window. You have to look at the two rearview mirrors together. If you are really uncertain, you will see the parking and see it again. Many roads are softer than the excavator, and the car is simply stuck.

Start with a gear (this time can stop the can, the tank will turn very fast when the throttle is large, the car will be more unstable), slowly and evenly travel, the reverse road is as straight as possible, if you want to repeat the reversing, Don't kill or beat the steering wheel. Simply turn off the fire on the soft road. When the throttle is poured out, the speed is too fast and it hits something.

Third, can not be careless when unloading

1. Allow the mixing tank to work at full speed for one or two minutes before unloading

Allow the concrete to mix well, add some water if necessary, make the concrete mix more evenly, and facilitate the discharge.

2. Wet the hopper chute before discharging

When discharging the car, try to stop the car on the flat ground and drain the hopper chute before discharging.

3. Do not carelessly unloading and discharging workers to make good contact

It is best to look at it when you put it out, so as to avoid the unloading operation of the discharging operation lever. It is best to stop the tank when it is rotating the center position, and maintain the reducer and the supporting wheel.

Make good contact with the discharge workers, don't sleep too much when unloading. If the workers are upset, put your car on the construction site and don't turn the cans, it will be troublesome to form a stuffy can.

4. The mixing tank must be carefully washed clean

When washing the jar, it must be carefully washed and cleaned, and the water should be repeatedly rotated twice, and then released. When the water is finally discharged, put the water in the tank into the jar, and then return to the station to add water to completely clean the jar.

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