Sanitation truck common problems and solutions

As a high-end sanitation garbage truck, the compressed sanitation truck has close cooperation with the various operating systems, requires good sealing performance, smooth hydraulic oil circuit control system, and accurate and efficient electronic control operation. Users will inevitably encounter some problems during the use of garbage trucks. As the workload increases over time, there will be more or less problems in the car. Is there any way to quickly encounter these common problems? Effective solution, it is very important to fix these problems with the least cost. The following is a detailed explanation of common problems and solutions for compressed sanitation vehicles for everyone.

First, the operation noise is large

Poor sound insulation and high noise levels are common problems in domestic compressed garbage trucks, which often cause problems for street residents. In the design and manufacture of compressed garbage trucks, the vehicle chassis, engine and power take-off are selected to be less noisy, and measures to enhance the stability of the system movement are adopted to reduce noise, and materials that absorb noise are used, and the structural design reduces vibration: through the hydraulic system. And the optimization design of the loading mechanism improves the machining accuracy and assembly quality to achieve the purpose of reducing vehicle noise.

Second, poor sealing reliability

Since the domestic garbage has the characteristics of a solid-liquid mixture, in order to realize no garbage leakage during the garbage collection and transportation process, no odor is diffused, and the following methods can be solved.

(1) Install an edge baffle between the filler flipper and the loader to prevent waste.

(2) The floor of the compartment should have a certain slope to prevent the leakage of landfill leachate.

(3) Install a sewage tank in the lower part of the stuffer to store the dripping water between the car and the stuffer.

(3) Strengthen the seal at the joint between the loader and the carriage to prevent leakage of waste during the compression process and dripping of the landfill leachate.

Third, the rated load mass utilization rate is low

Reduce the weight of compressed garbage trucks, increase their load utilization, and reduce vehicle operating costs. Because the compression garbage truck has a complicated structure and a large self-quality, the vehicle chassis should be designed with high technical content, good power, light weight and high cost performance.

Fourth, operating comfort

In order to improve the maneuverability, the mechanical control is electronically controlled, and the electronic operation monitoring system is equipped, which is beneficial to improve the accuracy of the operation, ensure the safety of the operation, and reduce the labor intensity of the driving operator.

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