Snow driving, thirty-six strategies, stability is the top plan!

Suddenly, like a cold wave in one night, thousands of trees and snowflakes bloom. As the temperature drops, the first snow has "arrived" in many parts of the country

This is especially true in the cold northern regions. For some driver friends, driving a mixer truck in snow is a very challenging thing, especially for some novice drivers. So what should you pay special attention to when driving a mixer truck in snow?

mixer truck

(1) Pay attention to the driving distance. The road is slippery on snowy days, and the braking distance increases. Remember to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front. Avoid sharp turns, sudden braking, etc.

(2) Reduce the number of braking and avoid emergency braking. Because the ground is slippery, emergency braking is more likely to cause a rollover.

(3) When the vehicle speed cannot be effectively controlled by braking, the vehicle speed can be reduced by downshifting and increasing the engine speed.

mixer truck in snow

(4) Do not blindly accelerate, which will cause the weight to shift from one end of the mixer to the other due to the action of the differential, causing the mixer to slide sideways.

(5) Do not over-inflate the tires, which can increase the adhesion of the mixer on the snow and increase the contact area of the mixer on the ground.

mixer truck in snow

(6) Control the speed and direction. Improper handling during cornering will often lead to understeering or oversteering and tail flicking. Properly return the steering wheel and decelerate to regain enough adhesion to turn around the corner.

(7) Clean the water in the water tank and flushing water pipe every night to avoid freezing!

There are thirty-six strategies for traveling in snow, and it is the best strategy to remind card friends: although making money is important, when encountering severe weather such as snowfall and heavy fog, try to avoid going to more complicated road sections. After all, safety is the biggest wealth!

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