It is very important to prevent the semi-trailer from catching fire in the hot summer!

Hot weather, continuous high temperature on the road surface, and improper maintenance or operation of the vehicle in normal times can easily cause the brake temperature of the wheels to be too high during the operation process, which may cause a fire. So, how to reduce losses and prevent vehicle fires in the hot summer?

01. Personal safety comes first, and loss reduction comes second

(1) In the early stage of a fire on a trailer train, immediately cut off the main hanger connection power supply and gas path, quickly shake the trailer outrigger to support the ground, disengage the main hanger, call the fire alarm phone while rescuing yourself, and try to minimize the property loss;

(2) If the fire has developed into an uncontrollable situation, under the premise of ensuring personal safety, quickly shake the trailer's outrigger to support the ground, and try to force the main hanger off. If you can’t take it off forcibly, all self-rescue measures within your ability will end in failure. You need to stay away from the fire and wait for rescue. Personal safety comes first. It is worth noting that if you find a fire, you must call the police immediately! ! !


02. Daily maintenance is very important

In daily road transportation, the accident of a trailer catching fire is one of the more common accidents. Except for accidents, most spontaneous combustion can be avoided. Among them, the tire fire caused by brake drag accounts for the vast majority of vehicle spontaneous combustion accidents. Brake drag is commonly known as brake bite. There is no gap between the brake pads and the brake drum or the gap is too small when the vehicle is running at high speed, causing mutual friction. Heat generation and drag brakes, reaching a certain temperature cause the tire to catch fire, and then the loaded cargo burns.



Dear riders, you must take care of the maintenance of brake drums, tires, brake camshafts and other parts of our car in your free time. Spontaneous combustion caused by brake drag can be avoided!

03. Make full use of auxiliary braking

When going down a long slope, you should make full use of auxiliary braking, such as engine braking, hydraulic retarder. Based on the current situation of domestic vehicles, it is better to spray water on vehicles in the mountainous areas that are often used, but even if the water spray device is installed before going down the long slope, you should check whether the water spray is complete and effective, and whether it can be sprayed on the brake drum. Play a cooling role.


Although trailer spontaneous combustion cannot be completely avoided, most spontaneous combustion accidents can be avoided by paying attention to the usual maintenance and vehicle inspection.

If you unfortunately encounter a trailer spontaneous combustion accident, please dial 119, 122, etc. first, and you must pay attention to the correct methods when you save yourself to ensure your own safety.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone again that there are thousands of roads, and safety is the first one. Fire prevention is not in place, and loved ones are crying. All friends who drive must take measures to prevent spontaneous combustion of vehicles.

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