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Recently, CIMC Linyu launched an offline public event for tasting high-end manufacturing. Customers, partners, and industry friends kept coming and going. They visited the intelligent production line of CIMC Linyu Tianqi Project Phase I and praised them. So, what is the latest progress of the Tianqi Project?

"Tianqi Project" is the production line upgrade and green transformation project of Luoyang CIMC Linyu Automobile Co., Ltd. The first phase of the "Tianqi Project" project was completed in April 2020, the second phase was completed in May this year, and the third phase was approved this year.

In 2020, CIMC began to build a high-end manufacturing system with four cornerstones of "upgrading product modules, perfecting the lighthouse factory, launching marketing reforms, and promoting organizational development". CIMC Linyu responded positively, and "Tianqi Project" is a key part of Linyu's comprehensive high-end manufacturing system. The project adaptably adopts the thinking of Industry 4.0, deeply integrates intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet, and intelligently upgrades the original manufacturing factory. It uses laser blanking and molding equipment, robot automatic welding, automatic powder spraying line and tempo. The assembly line of the company finally realizes "production of special vehicles in the same way as commercial vehicles."

The first phase of the Tianqi Project is a fully automatic powder spraying and spraying production line and an assembly line, which are more environmentally friendly, energy-saving and smoother than spray painting, which overturns the previous spraying operation method of the tanker industry. It uses the Swiss Golden Horse electrostatic powder spraying system, through the new laser profile scanning technology, 32 rows of guns can be automatically adjusted in real time according to the shape of the workpiece, the spray gun can be preset 255 kinds of spraying procedures, and the powdering rate can reach more than 95% at a time. The thickness of the powder spray coating is uniform, and a product can be finished in 10 minutes, and the standard thickness of 120μm can be achieved by one-time spraying. The original spraying process needs to spray 3 times to reach the standard film thickness, which greatly improves the efficiency.

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CIMC Linyu's coating automatic powder spraying production line adopts the world's first nano-ceramic environmental protection pre-treatment in the industry to cooperate with the electrostatic powder spraying process, and realizes the automation and intelligent electrostatic powder spraying of special vehicles, creating an upgraded coating in the domestic tank car industry New benchmark.

Environmental protection

The solid powder spraying process is adopted to realize zero emission of VOCs; the pre-treatment process without phosphorus and heavy metals makes the production process green and environmentally friendly.

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The whole line is equipped with safety monitoring system, energy consumption monitoring and management system and emission detection system to realize the intelligent monitoring of the whole process of the production line, and employees have no occupational health risks.


The central control system realizes the functions of automatic data collection, remote monitoring, data analysis and output of the whole line; automatic identification of workpieces and intelligent switching of production processes.

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Cycle production, 10 minutes per cycle, the production efficiency has been increased by more than four times, and the product online time has been shortened from the original 48 hours to 4.5 hours.

High quality

The powder coating has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, aging resistance and abrasion resistance; the hardness of the coating reaches H level, and the service life of the tank is extended by 5 to 7 years, which brings long-term and stable benefits to users.

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The second phase of Tianqi Project is an automated production line for the welding and assembly of the mixer truck frame. The project was established in July 2020. It is currently in full swing and is expected to be put into operation in May. The line adopts the rhythmic high-speed line with the working island operation mode, and the mixer truck rack operation is divided into multiple areas, and the original manual welding production method is replaced with welding robots and auxiliary welding equipment. After completion, the automation rate of the whole line is increased by 60% compared with the previous one. %. At the same time, the industry's first overall dust removal program is also a highlight of this project, which can completely solve the problem of smoke and dust in the welding workshop and greatly improve the working environment.

The third phase of Tianqi Project is the final work of the company's mixer truck production line upgrade. The project will be approved this year. After the "Tianqi Project" project is completed as a whole, the most complete digital production plant for mixer trucks in the industry will be built to truly realize high-end manufacturing.

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As a professional tanker sales manufacturer, CIMC Lingyu has 61 years of history, 51 years of automobile manufacturing history and 20 years of tanker production history. This intelligent production line upgrade is a brand-new revolution in the history of Lingyu manufacturing, and it is also the most current one. Innovative projects of strategic value. CIMC Lingyu plans to build a new type of factory that is environmentally friendly, efficient and suitable for mass production in three years. It will become the engine for Lingyu to take off in the next ten years, opening the road for Lingyu's high-end intelligent manufacturing. It is of extraordinary significance to CIMC Lingyu and even to the vehicle group. Lingyu Automobile will continue to upgrade its manufacturing and use the most advanced design and manufacturing to promote service levels and drive qualitative growth in performance.

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