Do you like a model of strength in the energy age?

On November 7th, at the "China Automotive Industry Development Forum", Guo Shougang, deputy director of the Equipment Industry Department I of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that the role of the inter-ministerial joint conference mechanism for energy conservation and new energy vehicles will be used to coordinate research and support the acceleration of new energy vehicles. A series of policy measures for development.

Linyu pure electric mixer truck

Linyu pure electric mixer truck

CIMC Linyu implements the concept of green development. The pure electric mixer truck launched by CIMC Linyu helps customers maximize their economic benefits by virtue of their outstanding performance such as light weight, durability, rapid discharge, and excellent strength in environmental protection and power technology configuration. Favored by many customers.

Strong power to run fast

Strong power to run fast:

"High-speed rail" high-quality high-power drive motor and high-density energy battery, the efficiency is as high as 98%, and the output power is more powerful.

Charging fast and non-stop tank

Charging fast and non-stop tank:

Double gun DC charging, full charge in one hour. The charging process does not stop the tank, to ensure that the driving does not stop, and the "money" does not stop.

Intelligent electronic control saves effort and worry

Intelligent electronic control saves effort and worry:

The top is equipped with an electronic control system, and the rear of the car is equipped with a large-screen display. There are three control methods: manual control, screen control and remote control, making the operation more convenient.

Automatic cooling system

Automatic cooling system:

The intelligent heat dissipation of the motor and driver can get rid of the high temperature and high consumption of the battery, making users safer and more assured.

Security management is more convenient

Security management is more convenient:

Equipped with the Internet of Vehicles platform, technology empowers, the whole road conditions, easy to master, and safer driving and work.

Reduce operating costs and increase efficiency

Operation cost reduction and efficiency enhancement:

Compared with similar fuel vehicles, the electricity consumption is more than 80% less than the fuel consumption, the maintenance cost is reduced by 60%, the exhaust gas is zero, the noise is zero, and it is environmentally friendly and worry-free.

As the government advocates green and low-carbon transportation, pure electric vehicles are more in line with the increasingly stringent environmental protection policy requirements. CIMC Linyu takes root in the accumulation of new industrial technology, leverages the national new energy strategy, continues to catch up in the field of new energy vehicles, and continues to make new and greater contributions.

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