Cold air combos, these maintenance knowledge should be kept in mind

With the advent of winter, tankers are more prone to minor accidents during construction. Today, the editor summarized the following points, how to maintain the tanker under the condition of low temperature, hurry up and collect it first!

Mixer truck

Mixer truck

Mixer truck

Handle reset

First confirm whether the joystick is placed in the stop position, because if the tank is still rotating when the engine is started, the momentary force will damage the hydraulic system.

Remember to warm up

During cold start, run for 5-10 minutes at idle speed and no-load (15-20 minutes in severe cold areas), and then run 3-5 times at low speed and no-load. Be sure to wait for the system to fully warm up before starting to work.

Pay attention to drainage

After the work is over, or when the vehicle is out of service, be sure to drain the water in the water tank and hose to prevent freezing and damaging the parts. Do not adjust the pressure regulating valve of the air control box without authorization. The vehicle is adjusted before leaving the factory.

Lubrication system

When the mixer is not used for a long time, the lubricating oil and grease of the parts will dry up or deteriorate, which will easily cause the poor lubrication of the parts. Therefore, the rectification and lubrication system must be checked one by one before starting the mixer again after being stopped, and the oil should be added or changed if necessary.

Paint coating

The mixing drum, feed hopper, unloading tank and other parts are in contact with sand and gravel for a long time, and they are all wearing parts.

Tank Truck & Cement Bulk Carrier

Tank Truck

Cement Bulk Carrier


In the case of low temperature in winter, remember to open the drain and exhaust valve at the bottom of the gas storage tank every day to prevent water vapor from entering the brake pipe and freezing, which may cause brake failure.

Security lock

Before leaving the vehicle, check whether the traction pin plate is in close contact with the link of the trailer traction pin, and whether the safety lock is locked in place.


Regularly check whether the link bolts of each part of the walking mechanism are loose, check whether the leaf spring suspension is loose or broken, and regularly lubricate the various lubricating parts of the walking mechanism with regular grease lubrication.

Warm up

In winter, if the vehicle is parked for a long time, for example, after a night, the machinery and equipment should be warmed up for about 5 minutes after the first start to prevent vehicle damage.


In winter, vehicles must drive at the required speed, and no speeding or standard loading is allowed.

tank truck

The vehicle is an important partner to accompany Kayou to create wealth and win. If you are more concerned about your car, check and maintain it frequently, you will try to avoid failures as much as possible and improve operational efficiency. Hurry up and share these tips with your fellow colleagues!

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