How to deal with the rust inside the tank of a sanitation garbage truck

The garbage truck in the sanitation truck series is the most utilized model, and you can see the garbage trucks busy all year round. In daily use, the driver may neglect its maintenance, causing some minor defects in the parts of the garbage truck. Garbage truck is a special vehicle for greening. The water tank can easily produce rust in the long-term water quality. How to deal with the rust inside the tank in the simplest way?

Method for removing rust from multifunctional sanitation garbage truck

sanitation garbage truck

1. Use high-pressure water to remove rust

Use an ultra-high pressure water scrubber to remove rust on the inner wall of the sanitation garbage truck water tank, and then rinse with water after a few minutes. This method can remove all kinds of chemical impurities on the gap of the tank wall, so that the original steel plate body is not damaged. All the hidden dangers of pitting and pit corrosion can be found on the washed tank wall, which effectively guarantees the quality level of the rust removal of the water tank of the sanitation garbage truck. This method quickly soaks and peels, decomposes the buildup of scale, rust and other mineral buildup, effectively restrains the corrosion of steel, copper and other metals, and has no effect on most painted surfaces. Non-concentrated hydrochloric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid are dangerous and pungent, use insurance, and have high rust removal efficiency.

sanitation garbage truck

2. Sandblasting and rust removal in the water tank

In addition to the high-pressure rust removal method, there is also sandblasting and rust removal. This method is also a common method used in domestic sanitation garbage truck water tank rust removal. Sandblasting and rust removal require the use of mechanical equipment. This rust removal method has good results and high quality, and can completely remove and clean the rust spots inside the tank. After rust removal, a large amount of dust will contaminate the environment, which is also a major problem.

3. The reincarnation washing method in the tank

If it is a small-tonnage sanitation garbage truck, such as a 5-ton sanitation garbage truck, 10-30% of the total capacity of the sanitation garbage truck’s water tank should be injected with a special paint remover (composed of dichloromethane and ethyl acetate) to impregnate and swell. The old coating is peeled from the tank wall, soak for about 30 minutes, and then cycle continuously for about 2 hours. Pay attention to the pH value to maintain at 1.5±0.2.

sanitation garbage truck

Sanitation garbage trucks are also called multifunctional greening and sanitation garbage trucks. It is used for cleaning road surfaces, sanitation, dust prevention, watering, spraying pesticides, etc. in urban roads, large factories, troops, gardens and other units to achieve the effect of beautifying the environment. Then use the cleaning liquid, and then use the water purification wheel to recycle the water tank of the small sanitation garbage truck, and then use the rust remover (mainly hydrochloric acid, corrosion inhibitor, etc.) for pickling time for 15 minutes. Passivation is required for at least 4 hours after rust removal, and finally the paint is refreshed in the tank.

Finally, we must remind all car owners that they must pay attention to their own safety when derusting the tank body of the sanitation garbage truck. When using chemicals to remove rust from the water tank, never let your body come into contact with the chemicals.

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