Look for these four points when choosing a concrete mixer truck

concrete mixer truck

Speaking of concrete mixer trucks, all drivers and friends must be very familiar. With the hot market, concrete mixer trucks are becoming more and more popular with customers. But do you know how to choose a suitable concrete mixer among the numerous mixer truck markets? Today, concrete mixer truck manufacturers will share how to choose a mixer truck that satisfies you in four steps.

Choosing a big brand is more secure

Brand is the guarantee of quality. Although the same chassis and tank body, big brands may be much more expensive than some small manufacturers. But when buying a concrete mixer truck, you must not only consider the cost, but also the quality and service. I don’t want to think about whether the products I buy cheaply are of poor quality?

Concrete mixer truck

The reason to buy a large-brand concrete mixer is first of all because of the mature technology. Big brands usually have perfect quality control to ensure product quality. Secondly, big brands have incomparable advantages over small brands in terms of production technology, materials and stability. Third, big brands pay more attention to word-of-mouth to shape their corporate image, and there is no such thing as cutting corners. Finally, the after-sales service of big brands will be better. The working environment of mixer trucks is usually harsh, and various minor faults are inevitable. A comprehensive after-sales service network can help you save money and effort in maintenance.

Chassis selection

The chassis of the mixer truck can cope with various road conditions, is not easy to cause problems, daily driving is stress-free, the engine must be stable and powerful, the overall performance of the vehicle must be good, and it is best to save fuel... Most drivers will ask when choosing a chassis these questions. As for how to choose, it is recommended to be brand-oriented. Ensure that the chassis of the mixer truck can provide sufficient power for the hydraulic system on the top.

concrete mixer truck

When it comes to the chassis, you have to mention the three major components of the chassis: engine, transmission, and axle. Does the engine have strong power, geometric emission standards, and fuel consumption? How about the fuel-saving performance of the transmission in several gears? There are multiple front axles and multiple rear axles in the axles. What is the bearing capacity? We need to ask carefully when purchasing.

Regarding whether the chassis should be imported or domestically produced, everyone needs to weigh the pros and cons. In general:

The imported chassis is really good. The mainstream Isuzu Nissan Diesel and Hino Mitsubishi can see it. The advantage is that it has less maintenance, convenient operation and low fuel consumption, but the price is very troublesome, and the square quantity is generally small. Two major treasures of domestic brands, convenient maintenance and good price, quality is gradually surpassing, and you can choose any quantity, economical and cost-effective.

Hydraulic system

In the hydraulic system, the most important are oil pumps and motors. The mixer truck is often under high load, so the stability of its entire hydraulic system is very high. Stopping the mixing tank may cause the concrete in the tank to solidify. Therefore, the hydraulic system must not be careless.

Commonly used imported and domestic hydraulic systems:

Hydraulic system

When buying a mixer truck, you must ask clearly what brand of hydraulic oil pump, motor and reducer are used, and what is the status of these brands in the industry.

concrete mixer truck

Mixing tank

For agitated tanks, wear resistance is the first priority. The material and production process used for the tank directly affects whether the quality mark is guaranteed. The mixing tank is generally made of high-strength wear-resistant steel. It must be noted that some brands will make a fuss about the thickness of the steel plate. At the same time, pay attention to whether the blades in the mixing tank are also made of high-strength wear-resistant alloy.

Second, whether the design and configuration are reasonable is also crucial. Whether the concrete mixer truck meets the domestic transportation and road conditions, and whether the configuration can effectively improve the convenience and safety of the vehicle use must be comprehensively considered.

Concrete mixer truck

Third, lightweight has become an industry trend. Lightweight design can greatly increase the loading capacity and bring higher operational value to users.

Finally, the level of the tank car manufacturing process affects the service life of the stirred tank. The processes including the weld strength, the quality of the parts and the coating quality are all important criteria for evaluating the stirred tank. And how to ensure the accuracy of manufacturing and the consistency of products, you need to settle on whether to have a large-scale digital and intelligent production line.

When buying a car, don't be greedy for small bargains. You should have a sufficient understanding of the mixer brand. It is not just a price comparison. If necessary, a visit to the factory may help you gain more.

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