The detachable garbage truck hung up the high-voltage line and caught fire. Should the driver get off?

Recently, a number of authoritative media have reported a news that "the detachable garbage truck forgot to put down the body to hang up the high-voltage line". Due to the thrilling scene, it caused heated discussion among card friends.

Through the introduction, we learned that a detachable garbage truck had forgotten to pull down its body and hung high-voltage wires on the construction site. The huge impulse broke the high-voltage wires, causing heavy smoke, and then the bottom of the vehicle caught fire. Fortunately, the driver did not hinder.

Afterwards, the comments from netizens were varied. Some people said that the driver should jump into the car to escape, while others said that the driver staying in the cab was the right choice.

When a truck is connected to a high-voltage line, how should the driver escape? Card friends, remember that you must keep these points in mind if you don't want to "touch" to death.

What happens when the high-voltage power supply is hung up?

Before answering this question, all cardholders must first know what happens when the car hangs up the high-voltage line. The high-voltage line has a feature. After the line is scraped, the line is still live, even within 8 meters underground, there is a very high risk of electric shock, and there is a risk of fire.

In September 2020, a La Haoshi dump truck in Shuangcheng District, Harbin, directly cut off the 10 kV wire hanging at high altitude, which immediately caused a raging fire and burned the entire vehicle to a scorched black shell.

This is also the reason why the chassis caught fire instantly after the accident car hung up the high-voltage line.

At this time, the driver has two choices, jumping off the car or waiting for rescue in the cab. It should be noted that these two options can save the driver, but if the operation is improper, accidents are also likely to occur.

Car detachable garbage truck

Faraday cage-hiding in the cab waiting for rescue

I wonder if you have ever heard of "Faraday Cage"? Back then, Faraday locked himself in a metal cage. When the metal cage was connected to a strong electric current, people were all in a cold sweat, but Faraday was safe in the cage. The Faraday cage uses the principle of electrostatic shielding to block the external electric field from the outside. There is no potential difference inside, that is, there is no voltage, so it is safe for people to be inside.

When this detachable garbage truck hangs up the high-voltage wires, the cab is equivalent to a "Faraday cage". At this time, the car cab cuts off the electric field and plays a protective role. The driver of this incident was so safe to escape .

But it should be noted that staying in the cab is certainly a good way to protect yourself for a short time, but if the electric current causes the whole car to catch fire, the driver should consider jumping out of the car to survive!

Car detachable garbage truck

Jumping has skills-jump 8 meters away on one foot

How should the driver save himself if he chooses to jump off the car? When the high-voltage line falls, the current spreads to the surrounding area, which will form a stepping voltage area. If you choose to jump off the car at this time, do not walk on the ground with your feet, because the front and rear legs will form a potential difference, causing people to be "struck" to death!

Card friends should remember that you should follow the "stride voltage" escape principle at this time. Do not land on both feet at the same time. It is best to jump with one foot, at least 8 meters away, to ensure your own safety.

Don't be careless, because you don't know the knowledge in this area, every year, many card friends blindly jump and get electrocuted when encountering such accidents. If they can understand it early, they might be able to save their lives.

Write at the end

The so-called hemp rope loves to break from the fine points, and the loopholes are mostly caused by carelessness. No matter how much the method of self-help is said, it is better to cut off the source and kill the danger in the cradle. Therefore, all card friends must also remember when driving, check more and less sloppy, and don't force yourself into the dilemma of "ant on the hot pot" just because of carelessness.

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