Keep these points in mind and increase the life of your concrete mixer truck by at least 20%!

I believe that when you buy a car, you are most concerned about the maintenance of your car. So what can you do to extend the life of the car in daily use? Today I will explain the tips for the maintenance of the hydraulic system of the concrete mixer~

concrete mixer truck

The maintenance of the hydraulic system of the concrete mixer truck includes: replacing the hydraulic oil, hydraulic filter element, and gear oil.

Hydraulic oil

The hydraulic oil plays a role in transferring energy, lubricating, flushing, rust prevention, heat dissipation, and removing water vapor in the entire system. Ensuring that the quality and cleanliness of hydraulic oil meet the standards is a prerequisite for the normal operation of the equipment.

Hydraulic oil

Hydraulic filter

The hydraulic filter element is equivalent to the kidney of the human body, filtering and purifying the blood (hydraulic oil) of the system to create the best working environment for the system.

Gear Oil

Gear oil mainly plays the role of lubrication, washing, rust prevention, etc., to ensure that the quality and cleanliness of the gear oil meet the standard, so as to protect the comprehensive performance of the oil and prolong the service life of the reducer.

Gear oil

After the new car has been used for 500 hours, the hydraulic system must be maintained for the first time, and the hydraulic oil, hydraulic filter element, and gear oil must be replaced. After the first warranty, maintenance should be carried out every eight months. In the specific maintenance, many card friends will also ask:

1. Is it possible to only change the hydraulic oil without changing the filter element?

Can not.

Dirty filter element mixed with new oil will directly pollute the oil in the entire system. Changing the oil means no change, and the filter paper with attached impurities will block the filter holes, reduce the permeability of the filter paper, and easily cause poor oil absorption and insufficient oil supply.

2. Is it possible to only change the filter element without changing the hydraulic oil?

Can not.

Under high temperature and high pressure, the various performance indexes of the oil will gradually weaken, and it will not reach the best condition;

The hydraulic system is a high-precision component. The volume of abrasives and impurities generated during operation is very small. We can’t see it with the naked eye. We need to use professional testing equipment to measure. Look at the clear oil, not necessarily the clean oil, if you wait until You can see that the oil is dirty with your eyes, and the system is already contaminated and damaged seriously.

Filter element

3. Is a filter element that is never clogged and has a smooth flow of oil a good filter element?


The filtration accuracy of the filter paper is a key parameter to measure the quality of the filter element. The hydraulic filter element of the mixer truck requires a filtration accuracy of 10-15 microns. The filtration accuracy is too poor. Large pollutant particles will pass directly through the filter holes and cannot filter. Ineffective filtration, so a filter element that never clogs is not necessarily a qualified filter element.

concrete mixer

4. How to choose a qualified filter element?

There are a lot of filter cartridges sold in the accessory market, which are mixed with good and bad. The price ranges from twenty to thirty yuan to one or two hundred yuan, which really makes it difficult for everyone to choose. It is recommended to determine from three aspects:

1. Price

The cost price of the filter element depends on the cost of the material and the processing cost. If the price is too low, the quality cannot be guaranteed, so try not to take risks;

2. Quality

A good filter element, the folds of the filter paper are tight and flat, the metal framework is strong, not easy to deform, the joints are welded smoothly, without burrs and welding slag, and the weight is about 500g;

3. Source

It’s best not to choose Sanwu products with unknown origins. The damage to the equipment is not worth the loss. It is best to purchase from a reliable channel. Not only the quality is guaranteed, but the installation consultation and after-sales service can also be guaranteed.