New Car Express | CIMC Linyu Hybrid Mixer “Churning the Wind and Cloud” with its Strength

The brand-new CIMC Linyu hybrid mixer truck can “mix” major events with strength! Let’s take a look at what’s so great about it

National VI mixer truck

Fuel saving and environmental protection

Tank rotation, loading and unloading, and shutdown operations do not consume chassis oil. Comprehensive working conditions save 30% of fuel, reduce urea usage by 30%, reduce carbon emissions by 30%, and reduce pollutants by more than 100L;

National VI mixer truck

Reliable and safer

Effectively reduce the engine load and working time, improve the reliability of the engine, the tank rotates at a constant speed, the center of the vehicle is stable, and the driving stability is improved;

National VI mixer truck

Charging smarter

When the battery power is low, the engine automatically starts and stops to charge the battery, and it only takes 4 minutes to generate high-efficiency power;

National VI mixer truck

The control is more convenient

The whole vehicle is controlled at 4 points,real-time online monitoring of the running status of vehicles and tanks; centrally controlled high-definition display, precise control of tank rotation speed, remote operation is more labor-saving;

Use longer

Braking energy recovery, the service life of brake shoes is extended by 20%; engine maintenance cycle and post-processing DPF regenerative braking cycle are extended by half;

National VI mixer truck

Configuration is more humane

The vehicle is equipped with an automatic parking air conditioner, which can save fuel when the engine is stopped and help you travel comfortably!

National VI mixer truck

In the National VI era, the upgrade of CIMC Lingyu’s hybrid mixer is that the configuration remains unchanged is the quality