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25 Ton Compression Garbage Truck

The 25-ton compressed garbage truck is equipped with more than ten safety measures, leading domestically; there are emergency stop buttons on both sides of the body; the front and rear operation button interlocking system.

25 Ton Compression Garbage Truck Parameters
Vehicle Model CLY5250ZYSDFE5  CLY5251ZYSZZE5 
Total Mass (kg) 25000 25000
Curb Weight/Rated Load Weight (kg) 15570/9300,9235 15270/9600,9535  15170/9700,963514870/10000,9935 
Chassis Model (Brand) DFL1250A13(Dongfeng)  ZZ1251N464GE1(Sinotruk) 
Engine Model and Power (kW)  ISD245 50(180)  MC07.28-50(206) 
Fuel Type  Diesel Fuel
Dimensions (L*W*H) (mm) 9995,10335,10355*2500,2550*3450  10020,10360,10380*2500*3450 
Wheelbase(mm)  4350+1350  4350+1350 
Box volume(m3)  20 20
Filling one operation time(s)  25~30  25~30 
Unloading one operation time(s)  45~55  45~55 
Garbage Collection Method Hanging buckets, garbage buckets, etc.
Wastewater Tank Volume (L) 550 (First 200, Last 350)
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