Causes and solutions of air suspension airbags for liquid tank trucks

With the increasing application of new materials in the special vehicle industry, aluminum alloy tank trucks are gradually accepted by the majority of users due to their own advantages such as light weight, more cargo loading, good appearance, and high residual value after recycling preferred. More and more air suspensions have been installed. So, what are the advantages of liquid tank truck air suspension? What are the common faults?

Advantages of air suspension

First, light weight. The biggest advantage of air suspension is its light weight, which is much lighter than traditional leaf spring suspension.

Second, it can be lifted. Lifting can be reflected in two aspects. One is that the axle can be lifted through air suspension to reduce tire wear and save fuel, which is especially suitable for one-way empty cars. The second is through the manual height valve in the air suspension system, the height of the vehicle loading platform can be adjusted within a certain range, convenient for loading and unloading cargo.

Third, the vehicle runs smoothly with good shock absorption performance. Compared with lightweight vehicles, vehicles with air suspension are more stable. The height of the air spring can be automatically adjusted according to the road conditions to reduce vibration and help protect the safety of the cargo.

Air suspension common failures

The most common failure of air suspension is airbag airbags or airbag wrinkles. The causes of these two situations are different, and the treatment methods are different. Different treatment should be used when they are encountered.

All airbags are airless

This situation is relatively simple to check. As long as we understand the air suspension structure, where can we start. The air suspension air source is connected by the braking system, and is stored in a special air cylinder through a pressure protection valve. Work through the filter to the core of the air suspension --- the level valve, and then to the left and right airbags.

The reasons for this may be:

1. There is no air or low pressure for the air suspension special air cylinder --- In order to ensure that the brake system has sufficient pressure, when the trailer air pressure is lower than 6 kg, the pressure protection valve will temporarily suspend air supply to the air suspension air cylinder;
2. The air pipe is blocked or discounted, but not air;
3. The connecting rod of the level valve falls off;
4. The level valve is damaged (this reason rarely occurs). As long as the cause of the fault is found, it is not difficult to solve it.

The airbag is inflated but the airbag is wrinkled

The reasons for this may be:

1. When the vehicle is being transported and hoisted, the airbag is stretched out a lot, and it is not reset properly, which causes the airbag to fold.

2. When the vehicle enters or leaves the maintenance workshop or on a large slope, it may also cause individual airbags to be stretched excessively, causing airbag wrinkles.

On-site processing method:

Disconnect the rubber connector under the vertical rod of the horizontal height valve from the axle, lift the rod up, wait for all the airbags to be inflated, and then install the rods back, and the airbag can return to normal state. In addition, if such a failure often occurs during driving, it is necessary to consider adding a limit device between the axle and the frame.

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