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With the development of our science and technology, more and more technologies have made our lives and work more convenient. Just like the construction industry, the emergence of various new materials, various mechanical equipment, etc., make work easier and improve the quality of the building. The concrete mixer truck is an indispensable equipment in the construction industry, which can process concrete when driving. So, what is the price of the mixer? It is related to many factors and cannot give the most accurate answer. If you want to know the latest price, you can go to the local market to ask, it is the most intuitive and most accurate.

Advantages of buying a small concrete mixer

For small concrete mixers, whether mobile or stationary, the mixers are designed to overcome some of the construction obstacles that may occur during normal operation. Small cement mixers provide the flexibility to get fresh concrete anytime, anywhere.

Mobile unit

When did you decide to use a mobile mixer, more specifically a small concrete mixer? To help you answer this question, this article outlines and briefly explains the advantages of having a concrete mixer truck. In short, small concrete mixers give you the option to have a personalized “concrete production facility”. With mobile devices, materials can be stored separately and new deliveries can be made each time. It is also possible to perform multiple jobs without returning the equipment to more batches of material. Often, you will only combine the things you want to inject together.

Production of concrete

Another advantage of having a small cement mixer is that the concrete is always fresh and at the right temperature. This is true no matter where you need it and the time it takes to get there. In addition, by allowing you to mix the exact amount you may need, it reduces and minimizes concrete waste and shortages.

By far the best part of having your own blender is that it's ready for you, which may mean you're ready. If more water is needed or if the mixture needs to be adjusted, the truck will also bring its own water supply. They are also suitable for remote construction in areas where bulk plants cannot be installed at or near the job site. In the long run, costs can be saved compared to leasing. In order to earn extra money, people can easily rent a mixer, and considering its portability, it will soon be sought after by other contractors.


Due to the relatively small size, the small mixer can be placed wherever needed. This reduces the inconvenience when trying to compensate for its position. As a result, the concrete is mixed and dumped close to the site, ensuring greater efficiency. Also in terms of size, they are easier and less expensive to maintain and operate than larger similar products. They are also easier to manipulate, so there is no need for high skill to drive or even operate. In addition, there is a small self-contained concrete mixer that can be loaded by itself and discharged at 270 degrees. You can learn more.

Wide range of application scenarios

Mixers do not move often, so this type of concrete mixer is only suitable for preparing cement at a job site. If you need to prepare cement in different workplaces, a portable blender is a better choice. If you need to move the concrete mixer to different parts of the construction site during the day, on-site mobile equipment is a good solution. Alternatively, you can purchase a portable trailer mixer that is bigger and stronger. These units can be towed to your construction site, but they are less maneuverable than mobile units.


If you want to increase the efficiency of your construction project, you need to choose a concrete mixer that provides good performance. The unit you choose depends on the size of the item you normally use. If you usually work on a smaller project, you can buy a smaller unit, but it is recommended to purchase a unit that is slightly larger than the one you need in order to provide you with a larger project in the future. Larger units usually also provide faster performance.

The biggest advantage of having your own concrete mixer is that you can do things exactly according to your schedule. Don't waste time, energy and resources looking for someone who can be rented to you, or disappointing because some people are underperforming because of poor maintenance. So how do you choose a concrete mixer?

Concrete mixer purchase

Shop according to the road conditions you often run

We know that the mixer car drives the rear tank to rotate to achieve the purpose of mixing when driving, which has a great connection with the road surface. If the road conditions that are frequently run are relatively flat, and in most cases, if you are driving on the road, you can choose a single-stage reduction bridge to ensure the quality of the mixing. If the road is pitted, then you should choose the wheel side deceleration bridge, so that you can ensure that the mixing effect will not be affected during the driving process.

Choose according to the tank volume

Mixers have different sizes of volume for everyone to choose from, with a large volume and a small volume. At present, the popular one is the small square mixer truck, which is relatively more cost-effective. However, when we purchase, we have to decide according to the amount of engineering. If the amount of engineering is relatively large, choosing a large-capacity mixer can save a lot of time and cost. If it is a small project, the small-capacity mixer can If you are satisfied, you can still have a lot of cost. Buying a mixer truck depends on the actual amount of work and the specific tank volume to get the most suitable one.

According to tire purchase

Most of the current mixer tires have two options, one is steel tires, and the other is nylon tires. In general, the performance of steel wire tires is stronger than nylon tires, and the natural price is also expensive. However, nylon tires can also be used under normal conditions and will not have much impact. You can purchase according to your actual situation, there is no need to spend more than the budget for high-performance tires.

reliable quality

If you are buying a concrete mixer, it is recommended that you purchase a rugged machine that will not disappoint you in the event of a difficulty. The powerful frame reduces the risk of the mixer falling over rough terrain. Fuel tank quality is an important consideration. Even with water for proper cleaning, residual cement can accumulate in the tank, which can be difficult to remove.


The dump mixer design you choose depends on your preference. You can use a double-sided dump or an end-to-end dump. If you wish to attach the equipment to a truck to pour concrete into a small space, tip pouring the mixture is a suitable choice. Check the size of the equipment before purchasing to make sure it matches the construction site you normally work on.

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