Sanitation truck shopping tips

Everyone knows that sanitation truck is used to transport garbage, but how to buy a suitable sanitation truck? Today, the relevant personnel of the CIMC sanitation truck came to us for the popular science, sanitation truck's purchase points.

First, sanitation truck purchase skills

1. Identify your needs

Confirm the type of garbage truck you need, compression type, hook arm type, hanging barrel type, sealed type, swing arm type, sealed type, kitchen type, and self-unloading type.

2. the volume of the Sanitation truck

After confirming the type of garbage truck, you must select the appropriate volume and choose the appropriate volume according to your needs.

3. Choose a brand

The type and volume of the garbage truck are clarified. The following is the brand of the garbage truck, and the chassis of Dongfeng, Futian, Jianghuai and Zhongqi are selected.

4. Quality

Choosing a well-known garbage truck manufacturer, the quality of the garbage truck produced is better.

5.The price

The second is the price of sanitation. Although some manufacturers have good quality, the price is very high.

Second, different types of Sanitation truck configuration

Different cleaning operations environment, the configuration requirements for the sanitation truck are also different. The same is garbage disposal and transportation, the configuration is also different:

1. Swing arm type garbage truck and pull arm type garbage truck. The two types of garbage trucks are similar in structure. They are equipped with one or more garbage buckets. The only difference is that the garbage buckets are different in up and down manner. The car is placed or placed by two swing arms, while the pull-arm garbage truck drives the pull arm through the hydraulic cylinder to pull up or down the garbage bucket. Both models are suitable for garbage in the city. It is convenient and quick to use in transfer stations, communities, schools and other places.

2. hanging barrel garbage truck, also known as self-loading garbage truck, this garbage truck is usually used with the trash can on the side of the street, its biggest feature is that it can automatically grab, lift, dump, and put down the trash can. The entire operation of the driver is completely completed in the cab, and the efficiency is high. It is usually used for collecting garbage in the trash can on both sides of the street.

3. Compressed garbage trucks, docked garbage trucks and sealed garbage trucks mainly focus on the transportation of garbage. The usual application is to transport the garbage in the garbage station to the garbage disposal plant for centralized treatment. This kind of garbage truck has the characteristics of large loading volume, good sealing performance, easy collection and dumping. The most widely used is to transport the garbage in the garbage collection station in batches and transport the garbage to the designated garbage disposal site.

Third, sanitation truck model selection

1. According to the actual environment of the customer's location

1) New districts, streets, scenic spots and other places with relatively concentrated traffic, the roads are generally not too wide, and the available models are: hanging garbage trucks, and trailer garbage trucks (hook-arm garbage trucks). These models are recommended because they choose a sanitation garbage truck with multiple garbage bins or garbage bins to disperse the bins and reduce the chance of rubbish landing. When the garbage is fixed, the garbage can be removed and the garbage can be put back in place.

2) The municipal, new rural or other places can be selected according to the quantity of transportation, that is to say, if you want to transport more garbage at one time, you can choose a large garbage truck.

2. according to economic conditions

When the customer chooses the garbage truck, no matter what kind of chassis is configured, as long as the top loading is the same, the top loading price is no different. Customers can choose a car chassis that suits their needs based on their economic base. For example, the same 12-port compression car, the difference in the planing of the chassis, the top-loading operation, material selection, transportation volume can be loaded with 12 squares, you can choose according to your own economic strength.

3. According to the policy

According to the local vehicle management office's policy, choose the appropriate emission chassis, and understand the relevant policies before buying a car, so as to avoid trouble when you go to the home, causing the vehicle to be idle.

Fourth, sanitation truck purchase considerations

1. Check whether the exterior of the car is damaged or not, and whether the components are assembled in accordance with the specifications.

2. Check whether the chassis number and engine number of the vehicle are in accordance with the nameplate of the vehicle (the long-headed car is in the lower right door of the cab, and the flat-headed car is in the lower frame of the left door of the cab). Is it consistent with the chassis number and engine number indicated by the product certificate? The model of the car is the same.

3. Check if the seal of the sanitation truck's speed limit or speed limit screw is complete. For diesel vehicles, check whether the high-pressure oil pump seal is complete, including checking the oil adjustment bolts, high-speed limit adjustment bolts, and adjusting the bolts for the diesel engine compensator.

4. During operation, check whether the car's lights, steering switches, instruments, horns, wipers, clutches, engines, transmissions, steering, transmission and braking systems are used properly.

5. Parking check. After driving for a certain distance, stop the brake drum, the hub, the transmission case, the rear axle housing, etc., and there should be no overheating; there should be no “four leaks” (water leakage, oil leakage, air leakage and leakage) in each part; After driving, you can start it once.

6. should carefully check the vehicle tools, instructions for use, quality warranty card, as well as the various types of assembly equipment that the car should be equipped with spare tires, fire extinguishers, etc. are complete.

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