The development trend of the semi-trailer concrete mixer truck after the epidemic

As the domestic epidemic subsides, major industrial companies have invested in intense production. From the current sales data of special vehicles, after experiencing the epidemic in February and March, April ushered in a highlight moment, including dump trucks The sales volume is even more impressive, and the concrete mixer truck also quickly ushered in the peak season.

However, this year's concrete mixer market is a bit unusual. Under the dual effects of the epidemic and the switch of regulations, some companies have taken the lead in the layout and launched a concrete semi-trailer mixer.

Regulatory restrictions

semi-trailer concrete mixer truck

In fact, this type of model appeared very early, but because of the super generous volume of the mixed bicycle, the advantage of the semi-hanging version in the domestic market is not obvious, only a small part of the demand for car purchase.

Until 2019, the CITIC announced 83 types of tank trucks that did not meet the requirements of the "Vehicle Manufacturing Enterprise and Product Announcement", requiring them to stop production and sales, of which there were 68 concrete mixer trucks, accounting for 81%.

According to the regulations, the stirring capacity of the four-axis mixer truck cannot exceed 8 square meters, and the three-axis mixer truck cannot exceed 6 square meters. But in fact, generosity is already an open secret in the industry, so after 5 · 21, the mixer entered the dilemma of "difficult to get a license".

Concrete mixer truck industry trends

Almost all practitioners recognize that legalization is already the general trend, and the mixer market will only become more and more strict; on the other hand, for customers, a single 6 to 8 party transportation volume, want to maximize profit It will be very difficult. Against this background, compliance and generous concrete mixers have become an urgent need for the industry.

At this time, the agitating capacity prescribed by the regulations can reach the 14-square 3-axle semi-trailer mixer, which has prominent advantages and has become a new favorite in the market.

Without overloading, the actual maximum loading capacity of the four-axle mixing bike: 8 square meters; the actual maximum loading capacity of the mixing semi-trailer: 13-14 square meters

Calculation based on 13 parties

How much can a semi-trailer be mixed than a single bike?

13 parties-8 parties = 5 parties

Calculate at a freight rate of 30 yuan / square, earn more every day?

5 parties X30 yuan X6 trips / day = 900 yuan

Based on 300 working days per year, how much do you earn every year?

300 days X900 yuan = 270000 yuan

Linyu layout

As early as 2016, CIMC Lingyu developed and exported concrete semi-trailer mixers. In recent years, with the ever-changing customer needs and stricter standards for overtaking, Lingyu has responded actively, gradually improving products and improving performance, and finally launched the latest CLY9400GJB semi-mounted concrete mixer for the domestic market.

In order to adapt to the usage scenario, Ling Yu has made special optimization for the concrete semi-trailer mixer, adopting a short wheelbase design, which can easily load 12 meters of weighbridge, and the flexibility is better guaranteed.

As for the capacity that is most concerned about, Ling Yu strictly abides by the regulations and the transportation capacity reaches 13-14 square meters. The annual inspection of the households is not a problem at all. In addition, it uses high-strength wear-resistant steel, lightweight rims, aluminum alloy accessories, etc., which has a light weight and further increases the amount of transportation.

Of course, it has more than these features. It optimizes the frame design, arranges the tops reasonably, matches the golden power, and personalizes the creation. Coupled with the smart high-end configuration, the convenience and safety of the vehicle are guaranteed.

Lin Yu sharpened his sword in four years and launched the latest semi-trailer concrete mixer truck, which set off a new industry revolution. Will the semi-mounted concrete mixer truck become the market outlet in the future?

Prospect analysis of concrete mixer truck

Relevant sources said that semi-trailer trucks do have certain shortcomings compared to bicycles. In the face of complex road conditions and special operations, the flexibility and ability to escape can not be compared to bicycles of the same level; on the other hand, there will be law enforcement loopholes in remote areas and rural markets, so it is difficult to completely replace the mixing bicycle.

But this does not mean that it has no market prospects, and its load-bearing advantage within the scope of regulations is still very obvious. Therefore, in the future, semi-trailers and bicycles are likely to present a "chamber resistance" situation, each with its own market segment: In the initial stage of project construction, the effect of the mixing bike is obvious; and after the infrastructure is perfect, the generous advantages of semi-trailers will be highlighted to boost the construction progress of the project.

In other words, future bicycles may be more inclined to "dirty work", and semi-trailers will focus on efficient transportation, which is also the difference between bicycles and semi-trailers in other models. Therefore, under the trend of more and more strict regulations, the semi-trailer concrete mixer truck will divide the existing market of the mixer bicycle to a certain extent and occupy a certain market share.

For tank truck manufacturers, crisis and opportunity coexist, and challenge and pressure are both.

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