National six infrastructure superstar, there is a "mixing" method for making money, choose it for full attendance


The mixer truck has always been an indispensable vehicle in construction projects. With the implementation of the National VI motor vehicle pollution emission standards, the concrete mixer has gradually entered the National VI era. In response to the situation, CIMC Linyu and the state-owned super-large automobile manufacturer directly under the central government: FAW Jiefang, joined forces to build the National VI mixer—Liberation J6P mixer!

Let's take a look at the features of concrete mixer trucks that old drivers like

1. Broader vision


Jiefang J6P mixer truck adopts four-directional imaging, optional right blind spot radar, optimized front down mirror field of view, steering auxiliary lighting, LED daytime running lights.

Blind spot monitoring and large field of vision to observe the surrounding environment greatly improve the safety factor.

2. More power


The Jiefang J6P mixer truck uses a low-speed and high-torque engine, which is matched with a 9L engine with 380 horsepower and 1750Nm torque.

Start fast, climb strong, and complex roads are like flat ground!

3. Easier operation


The clutch pedal force is reduced from 120N to 100N, making the clutch easier; the steering manual force is reduced to 6N.m, no longer need to round the arm to turn the direction; optimizing the man-machine layout, the shift is more labor-saving, and the operation is easier.

4. Driving is more comfortable


Ventilated and heated seats; high-power air-conditioning to improve fast cooling performance, matching heat insulation glass, reduce ultraviolet radiation; acoustic + sound insulation aluminum foil, improve NVH performance,

Noise reduction, vibration reduction, heat insulation upgrade = improved comfort

5. The whole vehicle is more reliable


The front and rear axles are waterproof upgraded to adapt to the sink environment, and the exclusive models are equipped with Eaton clutches and WABCO boosters. High-quality pipeline harness: Increase the wiring harness positioning mark, and the corrugated sheath of the wiring harness is bundled densely. Safety is more reliable, waterproof effect is better, and life is longer.

6. The appearance is more charming

concrete mixer trucks7

The driving appearance is newly upgraded, the eagle-shaped car logo can be lighted up, and the visual impact is stronger; the die-cast aluminum anti-skid pedal makes the appearance more beautiful and does not accumulate dirt. Responsible for the appearance in the mixer truck!

7. The tank is lighter

concrete mixer trucks

The tank body is inherited from the military quality of CIMC Lingyu Automobile Co., Ltd., and is carefully crafted through advanced intelligent production lines and special equipment with great ingenuity. The tank body uses the seventh generation mixer technology, special well-known wear-resistant steel, and Aluminum gearboxes, fuel tanks, air reservoirs, rims, etc. are widely used in aluminum alloy and non-metallic materials, and the weight of the products is reduced by more than 10% compared with the industry.

Professional tops, high-end; intelligent manufacturing, reliable; multi-phase stirring, practical; special steel, durable; professional coating, beautiful!

concrete mixer trucks9

Jiefang J6P concrete mixer truck adopts imported parts, bid farewell to frequent maintenance, high attendance regardless of weather, potholes and roads will not fall off the bottom, unimpeded and punctual, and embark on the road to prosperity with one kick!


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