There is a sense of security called "Linyu Tank Truck"

"China Chaoyin" Chaoyin started, the rise of Chaoyin, for whom has become a hot topic nowadays, card friends come to call Linyu tank truck!

Compliance on the road, safe and guaranteed

The transportation of hazardous chemicals has high requirements on vehicles, and road safety in compliance with regulations can be guaranteed. The anti-wave plate in the tank of Linyu tank truck is designed as a forward convex dish-shaped structure, which can most effectively scatter the shock wave around, reduce the local stress of the anti-wave plate, and protect the tank.

Linyu Tank Truck

The center of gravity of the body and chassis is low, 5-10cm lower than that of peer manufacturers, and the ability to prevent rollover is stronger. According to expert analysis, for every 5cm lower the center of gravity of the tanker, rollover accidents will be reduced by 30%-50%. From the inside to the outside, fully armed, not to worry about safety.

Comprehensive configuration, second to none "quality"

Patented fastening design, the frame and running mechanism adopt the world's latest generation of Huck BobTail fastening system, permanent installation, zero clearance, to achieve the highest performance and reliability of key parts; PLC programmable control technology, one-time canning molding process, reducing welding Seam, smooth appearance, excellent process performance and higher precision;

Linyu Tank Truck

Lose weight without losing weight, make money and light experience

Light weight, large volume, high transportation efficiency, high safety, and stable operation. The tank body and anti-wave plate structure adopts the finite element analysis method, establishes the stress analysis model of the whole working condition, and has a lightweight design to optimize the strength and rigidity of the tank body when it is lighter.

Linyu Tank Truck

More vivid colors, more durable coating

The tank body is welded by special tank body tooling fixtures, combined with automatic welding machine welding; coating adopts 18 processes such as automatic sanding and shot blasting, automatic spraying pre-treatment phosphorus-free conversion film, automatic powder spraying, etc., the surface of the tank body Bright colors and durable.

Linyu Tank Truck

CIMC Linyu devotes all its efforts to creating "rest assured" products for customers! Let customers worry about buying and use. Safety and hard power, sports cars are more assured, Linyu tank trucks build a safety barrier for dangerous transportation.

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