How to maintain the gearbox of concrete mixer truck?

Concrete mixer trucks are engineering vehicles that transport concrete on construction sites. They come and go. In order to ensure the long-term and normal use of concrete mixer trucks, the owners and friends do not forget to maintain it daily. Next, the tank truck manufacturers will tell you about mixing. The maintenance of the gearbox in the daily maintenance of the car.

1. Always check whether the transmission oil level is normal.

Concrete mixer trucks

To check the transmission oil, you need to preheat the oil to about 50 ℃, and then put the gear lever in each gear for 2 seconds and then put it in the parking gear. At this moment, the normal oil level of the oil dipstick should be located between the high and low lines. If it is not reached, the same quality of oil should be added in time.

2. Correctly grasp the use cycle of the oil of the gearbox and replace it regularly.

Concrete mixer trucks

Generally, most manufacturers recommend that the transmission oil change interval is usually two years or 40,000 to 60,000 kilometers. Car owners and friends should keep the transmission oil clean when using the vehicle, because the transmission oil will produce grease after a long time of use, which may form sludge, which will increase the wear of each friction plate and each component, and will also make the various valves. The movement of the valve body in the body is not smooth, and the oil pressure control is affected, so that the gearbox of the mixer truck is abnormal.

3. Correctly replace the transmission oil.

Concrete mixer trucks

Dynamic oil change is the most advocated oil change method at present. Special transmission cleaning equipment is used. During the operation of the transmission, the old oil is fully circulated, and the new transmission oil is discharged after cleaning, so as to increase the oil change rate. Up to 90 or more to ensure efficient oil change.

Owners of concrete mixer trucks can perform daily maintenance on the gearbox of the mixer truck according to the above three points. Other maintenance knowledge other than the matters needing attention should be learned by the owners themselves, so as to better maintain the mixer truck so that it can be used at all times. It is in an efficient technical state to ensure the safety of driving.

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