I spoiled you and didn't discuss it | The first Linyu tank truck in autumn, arrange!

Drivers, have you had the first cup of milk tea in autumn? Don’t be sad, babies who haven’t drunk it. The tanker truck sales manufacturer brought everyone the first tank trcuk  in autumn, which is an ultimate guardian for the riders.

The first tank truck in autumn

 tank truck

Lighter, more economical and safer

All-aluminum alloy body and parts, the weight of the vehicle is only 6.4 tons, and the weight of the product is more than 400kg less than the industry;

The walking mechanism adopts light-weight chemical steel from a well-known domestic steel factory, which is lighter in weight;

 tank truck

The connecting saddle is made of special L aluminum profile, which is lighter under the premise of ensuring the strength;

Full load-bearing frame, the tank body bears most of the load, the weight of the whole vehicle is lighter, the tank body is not easy to be deformed, and it is more economical and safer;


More comfortable driving, more convenient operation, safer driving

Multiple smart functions:

Integrated service brake lining alarm device;

Intelligently adjust the air suspension control system;

Reversing radar automatic braking system;

Integrated tire pressure monitoring system, etc.

tank truck pants

Anti-impact structure gives better protection to the tank

The dish-shaped wave-proof plate in the tank can effectively scatter the shock wave around, reduce the local stress of the wave-proof plate, and protect the tank.


According to the medium and road conditions, the anti-wave board is arranged densely, so that the tank body is more evenly stressed.

tank truck (2)

CIMC Linyu, the domestic leader in safety and lightweight of tank trucks makes your transportation more economical and safer!


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