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Gas Tank Truck

Gas tank truck meets the standards of GB18564 and EU road transport, and also complies with national laws and regulations, including volume, weight and structure, all designed in strict accordance with national standards

Gas Tank Truck Parameters


CIMC Linyu gas tank truck meets the standards of GB18564 and EU road transport, and also complies with national laws and regulations, including volume, weight and structure, all designed in strict accordance with national standards;

Precision Cutting

The use of CNC plasma cutting machine, head expansion machine, moldless edge machine, jigsaw machine and other domestic advanced tanker special equipment, fully guarantee the stability of liquid tanker product quality;


Stainless steel/carbon steel tankers are as lightweight as aluminum alloy tankers. The gas tank truck uses a unique tank structure to design a 42-square stainless steel tanker with a gas tank truck weight of only 7.2 tons (equal amount of aluminum alloy tanker 6.4 tons);

High-end Welding

The gas tank truck ‘s tank welding and tank ring weld welding use international advanced automatic welding equipment, the welding quality is stable and reliable, and the weld seam is smooth and beautiful;

Advanced Design

The gas tank truck body and the anti-wave plate structure adopt the finite element analysis method to establish the stress analysis model of the full working condition. According to the analysis result, the gas tank truck design is optimized, the dish structure of the anti-wave plate in the tank body is designed, and the most effective shock wave is scattered around, and the anti-wave plate is reduced. Local stress, protect the tank;

Luxury Spray

The gas tank truck according to the standard coating process of luxury passenger car, after nearly 20 processes such as degreasing, derusting and “four sprays and five dryings”, the indicators are guaranteed to reach the leading level in the industry. The appearance of the gas tank truck is beautiful and durable!

Gas Tank Truck Specification

Tank volume 35m3 35m3 30m3 24.3m3
Dimensions 11000*2500*3700mm 11000*2500*3700mm 11625/11870*2500*3400/3600mm 10225*2490*3300*3500mm
Rated contained mass 30500kg 31000kg 18065/18000kg 16320kg/16255kg
Wheelbase 5600+1310+1310 5600+1310+1310
After hanging 1230mm 1230mm 2535/2365/2780/ 2610mm 2200mm
Departure angle 27 27 12 12
Total mass 39980kg 39980kg 31000kg 25000kg
Curb quality 9480kg 8980kg 12805kg 8550kg
Remarks Reducing, insulation Reducing, insulation

Daily Maintenance of Gas Tank Truck

Brake Pad

The importance of the brake system to the safety of the gas tank truck is no longer necessary. The brake pads are a very easy to wear part, especially for vehicles with large tonnages such as medium-sized gas tank trucks. Fast, so it is necessary to check the condition of the brake pads regularly. If you find that the wear is serious, you need to replace the new brake pads in time. In addition, do not slam on the brakes when you are driving normally, and reduce the wear of the brake pads to safely drive the gas tank truck. More advantageous.

Rubber Tube

For gas tank trucks, it is also very important to regularly maintain the rubber tube. Because the rubber tube will last for a long time, it will appear aging, which will lead to oil leakage. In order to avoid the occurrence of these phenomena, it is necessary to clean the time of aging of the rubber tube, and the material that may cause the rubber tube to deteriorate is cleaned and replaced in time after the aging phenomenon is found.

Shock Absorber

After three or four years of use, thegas tank truck is not as smooth as the new car, which is usually caused by the lack of maintenance of the shock absorber. Therefore, the maintenance of the shock absorber should be strengthened in peacetime. In addition to regular cleaning, regular clean oil should be added to avoid premature aging due to excessive internal temperature of the shock absorber.


There are a lot of important parts in the CIMC gas tank truck. When you use it in daily life, you should pay attention to the maintenance to make the overall performance of CIMC Linyu gas tank truck better.

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