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Water Tank Truck

A water tank truck is a type of tank truck specifically designed for the transportation of potable water. It has a large tank, usually made of metal or plastic, mounted on a truck chassis for carrying water.

Water Tank Truck Parameters

A water tank truck is a type of tank truck specifically designed for the transportation of potable water. It has a large tank, usually made of metal or plastic, mounted on a truck chassis for carrying water. The tank is equipped with various features, such as a pump, hoses, and spray nozzles, for dispensing the water.

Water tank trucks are used for various purposes, including firefighting, dust suppression, and agricultural irrigation. In emergency situations, they can be used for providing drinking water to disaster-stricken areas. In construction sites, they are used for supplying water for concrete mixing and other purposes.

The size and capacity of a water tank truck vary, depending on the specific needs of the operation. The choice of a water tank truck depends on the volume of water required, the distance of the transportation route, and the operating conditions of the job site. The tank and other components of the truck must be built to withstand the weight and pressure of the water, and must meet various safety and health regulations.

The Linyu series water tank truck has a unique and beautiful appearance, and the structural parts are all subjected to sandblasting pretreatment; the tank welding is made of special tank tooling fixtures, which are welded together with automatic protective welding machine; the painting is completely painted according to the luxury passenger car. The process standard is carried out to make the body have the same beautiful appearance as the passenger car, and the quality has reached the leading level in the industry. The Linyu series water tank truck with more than 20 patented technologies, the products meet international standards. The water tank truck has reasonable matching, reliable performance, high cost performance and stable quality, which can meet various differential needs.

Water Tank Truck Production Process

1. In-can welding process

Tank inside welding process: tank inside welding using international advanced automatic welding equipment, and special wheel frame co-developed with equipment manufacturers, using argon arc welding as foundation, gas welding and other advanced welding techniques to cover up, plus senior skilled welders, all this to make sure stable welding quality, high efficiency and leading in the whole industry.

2. Tank ring weld welding process

Tank girth weld welding process: the leading domestic auto ring welding technology, welding molding, good appearance, and reliable.

3. Can coating process

Tank rolling process: tank roll forming machine adopts advanced PLC programmable control technology, microelectronic technology, make sure one time rolling. Easy operation, high efficiency, high precision,good appearance and other features.

4. Tailoring process

Welding process 10 meters automatic plate MIG welding machine, one-time splicing, glabrous,orderly and weld bead with Smooth transition,  overal length range of front and back weld bead straightness deviation is within +1 .5mm. After being welded , the steel board is transfered on the rolling forming equipment by large plate turnover to improve the safety and efficiency.

5. Machine plus blanking process

Machining and blanking process: adopting Chinese advanced special-purpose equipment of water tank trucks like cnc plasma cutting machine, shell cover expending mashine, Dieless spinning machine, felt-board machine, in order tomake sure adequately the quality stability of liquid tank product material supply.

6. Painting process

Paint process: Painting workshop covers more than 10,000 square meters, has eight large fuel drying room and five water-retrieving painting booths, which can completed maximum 50 vehicles spraying every day. Painting entirely in accordance with the requirements of the luxury passenger bus painting technology standards, after the process of degreasing, descaling, “four spraying and five drying”, ensure all the indexes are the best. The perfect process and high performance coatings make the product more beautiful and durable.

7. Final assembly process

Assembly process: All the assembly employees must undergo rigorous technical training; each product must be self-tested to effectively ensure the quality of assembly. After the product assembly completed, those passing the inspections will be moved to the finished garage.

Water Tank Truck Specifications

Tank volume 46.5m3 50m3 43m3
Dimensions 12650*2500*3800mm 12700/12500*2500*3900/3550/3750mm 12650*2500*3800mm/11700*2500*3950mm
Rated contained mass 33500kg/33200kg 33000kg/33500kg 33500kg/33000kg
Wheelbase 6900+1350+1350 7000+1350+1350/6850+1310+1310 6900+1350+1350
After hanging 1440mm 1440mm/1450mm 1440mm/1460mm
Departure angle 20 20/21 20/19
Total mass 40000kg 40000kg 40000kg
Curb quality 6500kg/6800 7000kg/6500kg 6500/7000kg
Remarks Reducing, insulation

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