What are the characteristics of Linyu tank truck and how to ensure safety?

For the dangerous goods transportation industry, the particularity of products determines the degree of danger of the industry to a certain extent. Regardless of whether it is a tanker or a transportation driver, safety issues are not minor issues. After all, many safety accidents are caused by ignoring these issues. How should the safety of the tank truck be guaranteed? This has become an urgent concern for many people in the industry.

Tank truck safety is an urgent task


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People who understand the hazardous chemicals transportation industry should know that the safety performance of the tank truck itself is the basis of operational safety. The level of safety performance depends on the standards that the design complies with. At present, the standard basis of China’s atmospheric pressure dangerous goods tank trucks is GB18564.1-2019 . In addition to strictly complying with GB18564.1-2019, Lingyu’s dangerous goods tankers also refer to the ADR standard and go further in the design of some projects. In addition to the items required by the standard, the material, volume, tank type, etc. of the tank body have a certain impact on safety. Choosing the right tank truck can not only ensure driving safety, but also extend the life of the tank body.

In addition, the safety components on the tank, such as emergency shut-off valves, safety valves, manholes, discharge valves, hoses, etc., are essential. When tanker sales manufacturer Linyu chooses these accessories, he will naturally put the impact of accessories on vehicle safety in the first place.

Linyu makes safety first

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For Linyu carbon steel tank trucks and stainless steel tank trucks, the material of the tank body is made of domestic brand manufacturers, which has better corrosion resistance and higher strength. The structure of the tank body and the wave-proof plate adopts the finite element analysis method, and the design is optimized according to the analysis results, so that the strength and rigidity of the tank body are further improved under the premise of light weight.

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The anti-wave plate in the tank is designed as a forward convex disc-shaped structure, which can effectively scatter shock waves to all sides, reduce the local stress of the anti-wave plate, and protect the tank.

Complete safety devices and high safety. The first is the emergency cut-off bottom valve, which can protect the tank body and prevent the leakage of the medium in the tank when the pipeline of the vehicle is accidentally hit. The second is the tank roof protection device, which can protect the tank roof accessories from being damaged and prevent leakage when the vehicle rolls over; there are other electrical systems that are easily overlooked. Linyu’s tank truck adopts an integrated wire harness structure, and the joint adopts a plug structure , Waterproof and short circuit-proof, so that the overall safety of the car is higher, to ensure driving safety.

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Linyu aluminum alloy liquid tank truck, the tank body material uses domestic high-quality aluminum alloy plate. For some mediums with higher transportation temperature and mediums with higher design requirements (such as methanol, etc.), Lingyu adopts aluminum alloy heat preservation tank trucks and pressure tank trucks made of special types of aluminum alloy plates developed in cooperation.

The tank truck adopts a manhole with an emergency discharge function. In the event of an accident or fire in the tank truck, the gas in the tank is released urgently to effectively prevent the explosion accident of the tank truck. According to the design requirements, chemical trucks choose manholes or large-displacement safety valves for emergency discharge functions, which play the same role in explosion protection.

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These safety equipment provide multi-level protection for the driving of Lingyu tank truck, from the material to the volume of the tank body to the cross-sectional structure, which fully reflects Lingyu’s primary sense of responsibility for safety.

The above are the safety configuration items of the tank body. As for the disc brakes and air suspension of the whole vehicle, as well as the EBS system, Linyu has also implemented according to the standard requirements. In addition, there are intelligent projects related to safety performance that can be installed according to customer requirements.


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In addition, Linyu also first considers safety factors in the choice of chassis. Surrounding the cab in all directions, the 360° ultra-clear camera can perfectly avoid blind spots in the field of vision and reduce safety accidents. Ling Yu is actively taking up its own responsibilities, and strives to provide customers with safer, more efficient, and more profitable products.