Fuel Tank Truck


CIMC Fuel Tank Truck Features

The shape of the fuel tank truck is based on the styles of European FFB and American HEIL, and it is beautiful and generous; many national patents guarantee the superior performance of the products.
The fuel tank truck body designed on the basis of finite element analysis, the folded edge butterfly anti-wave structure can withstand greater impact and effectively improve the strength of the fuel tank truck.

Fuel Tank Truck Optimized Design

Better material selection

The fuel tank truck, frame and accessories are made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, which is lighter in weight and better in corrosion resistance.

The lightest weight

The fuel tank truck structure is optimized and the weight is the lightest in the industry.

Automatic welding

The vertical and circumferential welds of the fuel tank trucks are all automatically welded to ensure stable and reliable welding quality. (With the most advanced domestic 13m large tailor welding machine, Tig automatic welding machine and other high-end equipment)

Unique security

The whole fuel tank truck circuit adopts the plug-in harness structure, the plug-in parts are explosion-proof and waterproof; the guardrail, the bottom valve and the discharge port are all interlocked, the guardrail is lowered, and the vehicle can be started after the bottom valve and the discharge port are closed.

Fuel Tank Truck Specifications

Tank volume 45m3 35m3 53m3 40m3
Dimensions 10900*2500*3850mm 10660*2500*3600mm 12100*2500*3950mm 11000*2500*3850mm
Rated contained mass 30000kg 31000kg 30000kg 31500kg
Wheelbase 5300+1310+1310 5480+1310+1310 6400+1310+1310 5600+1310+1310
After hanging 1330mm 1340mm 1430mm 1230mm
Departure angle 24 22 22 27
Total mass 39980kg 39980kg 39800kg 39980kg
Curb quality 9980kg 8980kg 9800kg 8480kg
Remarks Reducing Reducing Reducing Reducing

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