Septic Tank Truck

A septic tank truck is a vacuum truck that removes spoilage waste from septic tanks, cesspools and chemical toilets (portable toilets) and disposes them at approved wastewater treatment sites.
The CIMC septic tank truck is a dedicated vehicle that combines a powerful vacuum pump with a storage tank for sewage and wastewater.Start the vacuum pump, confirm the suction, and connect the pump to a 4″ or larger vacuum line that the operator uses to empty the septic tank truck.
The CIMC offers a variety of pump sizes and pumping rates, all of them that work on septic pumper trucks will be similar in effect however.This is a very powerful pump, usually weighing 470 pounds, using 6 blades, water cooled, and pumping sewage at 400 cubic feet per minute. It will be apparent that the diaphragm that passes through the unit and into the pump truck will be highly agitated and mixed in the truck. This agitation is correct for any pump used in this application.

CIMC Septic Tank Truck Specifications

Tank volume 55m3 48m3 43m3 55m3
Dimensions 12800/13000*2500*3750/3950mm 12990*2500*4000mm 11200*2500*4000mm 12990*2500*4000mm
Rated contained mass 33000kg 32700kg 32000kg 27500kg
Wheelbase 7150+1310+1310 6850+1350+1350mm 5400+1350+1350 6900+1310+1310
After hanging 1450mm 1920mm 1450mm 1920mm
Departure angle 21 20 21 20
Total mass 4000kg 4000kg 4000kg 4000kg
Curb quality 7000kg 7300kg 8000kg 12500kg

CIMC Septic Tank Truck Product Features

Can be divided into separate warehouses, different media. It can realize the function of pumping in, pumping out the meter, pumping in, pumping out the meter, self-flowing the meter, but not the meter. Optional insulated heating unit.

Lightweight design, the septic tank truck body uses high-quality, high-end materials, compared to the ordinary tanker, its weight is lighter, the volume is larger, and the transportation efficiency is higher. Driving safety is high and stable.

The pipeline is made of aluminum alloy and has no pollution to the oil.

Septic tank truck can be equipped with bottom loading systems: oil and gas recovery, anti-overflow systems, etc.

The septic tank truck has reasonable matching, stable quality, reliable performance and high cost performance.

How to choose a septic tank truck

(1) Check whether the parts and components of the fecal suction truck are complete and whether they are damaged or lost. Especially lighting electrical equipment, joysticks, fuel tanks, water level indicators, etc.

(2) Check whether the tire quality and air pressure of the small manure pumping truck are normal: first check whether the brands, production plants, specifications, etc. of the tires on both sides are the same from the side of the tires. Then check the tire pattern wear and scratches. After the two tires have received sufficient air, there is no change in the test pressure for more than 2 hours, which can determine the pros and cons of the tire pressure maintaining state.

(3) Check the quality of the main welded joints, whether there are bumps, deformations, and peeling off of the paint electroplating layer on the surface. For example, whether there is missing welding, slag inclusion or cracking in the frame, bracket, welded front axle, etc.

(4) Check whether the connecting bolts of the main parts of the suction truck are fastened, such as engine base bolts, wheel fastening bolts, belt pulley fastening bolts, and U-shaped bolts connecting the rear axle and leaf springs. If they are loose, they must be tightened. Reliable.

(5) Check whether the suction truck has oil or water leakage: first check whether there are oil and water marks on the parking floor, and then check the pipes and joints of the corresponding parts of the machine. Those that are loose and can be eliminated after tightening can be regarded as normal. If the joint surface is deformed or cracked caused by oil and water leakage, such as the joint surface of the end cover, the joint surface of the cylinder head and the cylinder block, etc., should be selected as vehicles to be eliminated.

Precautions for purchase

Choose the right chassis.

There are economical and practical chassis, and some are of better quality. The wheelbase of the chassis determines the volume of the sewage suction truck. The larger the wheelbase, the larger the tank body of the sewage suction truck. For example, the capacity of the chassis sewage suction truck with a 3300mm wheelbase is about 4 cubic meters, the capacity of the chassis sewage suction truck with a 3800mm wheelbase is about 7 cubic meters, and the chassis sewage suction truck with a 3950mm wheelbase has a volume of about 10 cubic meters.

Choose the right vacuum pump

The quality of the vacuum pump of the sewage suction truck directly determines the effect of the sewage suction truck. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a good quality vacuum pump, the cost is about 1,000 yuan more expensive than ordinary vacuum pumps. In addition, if the working frequency of the suction is high and the suction capacity is large, it is recommended to choose a water circulation vacuum pump, which can work continuously without heating and has a large suction.

Pay attention to the thickness of the tank.

The thickness of the tank body of the sewage suction truck should not exceed 5mm, because the tank body must be under pressure, and the thickness of the tank body will be flattened if it is not thick enough.

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